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Hospital Affiliation?

Hi mommies of almost 3 year olds!  I've been away for a while and I know this board is typically slow, but I still feel like this is "home base".  I asked this on my local board a while back and figured I'd see what you guys think too.  I'm looking for a new gyn (we're one and done, so no need for an OB - unless birth control fails!).  What I'm wondering is how important is the hospital affiliation?  I'm pretty healthy and really only see my doc for annual visits.
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Re: Hospital Affiliation?

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    I wouldn't think hospital affiliation is important unless you feel strongly against a certain hospital. In my area there are 2 major hospitals and while I prefer one over the other, if it came down to having a procedure done, it wouldn't matter where I was, especially if i liked the doctor.
    Hope that helps!
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