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New to the board (or will be) and have a question

Hey ladies,

I am just coming over from the Feb 2013 and August 2014 boards respectively and will probably start hanging out more as this pregnancy progresses! 
We have a 2 bedroom house and are considering putting both kids into one room rather than moving. Because DS will be 18 months when this LO is born, I am wondering when he will be able to transfer to a toddler bed or if we should just buy a second crib. What I love about his crib now is it is supposed to transition to a day bed with a toddler gate, without the gate, then eventually you can use it for a head/footboard for a single bed. So I always imagined it working for him for a long time and it only cost $300. Does it make sense to keep using it as a crib or buy him a toddler bed? And when would we be able to move him to such? Or should we turn his crib into the toddler bed and buy another crib like it? Thoughts? 

Thank you so much for your help! 
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Re: New to the board (or will be) and have a question

  • You will get mixed answers on this one. There's no right or wrong, but I'll share my experience. Dd was also 18 months when DS was born. I did not want to buy a second crib. We bought a twin bed for Dd and setup her new "big girl room". She stayed in her crib until about 2 months after DS was born. Then we moved her to her new bed with a railing at nighttime at 20 months. No toddler bed transition, just straight to a twin. We would lay in bed with her until she fell asleep until she got used to the new bed. We continued her naps in the crib for awhile longer, maybe a month or 2, b/c I desperately needed her to nap so I could get a break lol. DS was sleeping in the RNP in our bedroom for about 5 months before he moved into the crib. Now he is 2yrs old and we just transitioned the crib to a toddler bed b/c he was climbing out. We are also planning to have a 3rd baby. Whenever that happens we will likely move DS to a toddler bed in DDs room b/c there's not much space for a bigger bed and we will hopefully move to a bigger house in the future.
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  • Other PP is right you will get a lot of different answers.  My son will be 2 in April and he is no where near ready to leave his crib.  So we bought a second crib for DD who is 6 months.   I also have a crib that transitions to a toddler bed but I think we may not even use it.  I think he will out grow the crib bed and will need a twin or full size bed.  You might want to play it by ear and not buy anything just yet because my daughter slept in a rock n play until she was 5 months.  Unless you are planning on putting the baby in the crib right away and not in a PnP or RnP in your room like a lot of people do.  
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  • Mine will be 22 mos apart. On advice from our pediatrician not to make any big changes around the time #2 comes around, and because DD loves her crib, we went with a second convertible crib.
  • We bought a second crib. DD#1 will be 3 in May and still wants to sleep in her crib, she was 21 months when DD#2 was born. 
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