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Massages Are AWESOME!

My wife and I started giving each other massages, averaging about 3 nights a week, a few months ago.  It has been awesome in a few ways.  After a long day, it feels great.  We also have found that we spend this time talking about things that we normally do not get a chance to in our hectic life.  Sometimes it leads to sex, which ends up being awesome, and sometimes we just lay there after it is done and keep talking.

It is so hard to find time to be together, as a couple, with kids in the picture.  These massages have turned into an opportunity to reconnect as husband and wife, and tha thas been an awesome thing.  I would strongly suggest this practice for any couple, if you are not already doing it.  The stress release is amazing, and it has been helping keep us connected and intimate during the course of the week.

Massages are AWESOME!!



Re: Massages Are AWESOME!

  • Jack9 said:
      It sounds like an awesome way to connect and relax.  are you just winging it? how long of a massage are we talking about?

    We each get about 20 minutes or so.  Sometimes it is the neck, or shoulders, or wherever the other wants the focus to be.  She loves it when I scratch her in the area of her back where the bra is strapped.  And I mean scratch her hard there.  Sometimes I have to tell her I am not doing that anymore because it looks so painful.

    All we use is baby oil.  Lube is too expensive to waste on that.


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