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I have a newbie question!!

I'm a complete newb when it some to military stuff, but I have a personal question. I know I am not the only one to ever have this question!!!

My DH graduates Army BCT in April. I know he has a family pass that day and the day before. I am fairly certain he will get to leave base after graduation for at least a little while. I have read up on all the rules: no kissing, hugging, holding hands in public while he is in uniform. I get that. But I must spend some "alone time" with him. I gotta. So my question is, would he get in trouble coming back to my hotel with me?? Surely not, but there's a lot of things they have rules for that doesn't make sense to me!! I just don't want him to get in any trouble.

If he can come with me, I just have to figure out a way to get him away from his mom without just coming out and saying, "we are leaving now so I can go screw him before he leaves me again for another 4 months!!!"

Thanks ladies!! Don't make fun of me too much!!
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Re: I have a newbie question!!

  • I'm sure he'll be given a long list of stuff he is and is not allowed to do.  It might only be a few hours that he's allowed off-base after grad, so you'll have to decide how you want to spend it.  As long as it's not against the rules, then go for it.   
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    here's a link to what happens step by step in AF basic and graduation. I don't know if it varies very much to Army BCT, but it may help!
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  • Thanks! I know it sounds silly, but it's bad this week!!! ;)
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  • He should have a few hours that he can get away. He'll likely just have a curfew, when he has to be back. But as PP's stated, he needs to follow the rules. The last thing you want is for him to get in trouble. Otherwise, ENJOY!!!!!!
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  • My DH had half a day (we had lunch as well as dinner if that gives you an idea of how much time) to do pretty much whatever, as long as he stayed within the square they drew on a map for everyone. We did go to the hotel for a bit, but MIL wouldn't go away. I hadn't come up with a plan to get rid of her because I thought she'd know that we'd want 5 mins alone, but no such luck.
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  • When my husband graduated from BCT, he went with me to the hotel room for a little alone time. Your husband should know what he is and isn't allowed to do. It should be fine, but I say should be because honestly rules and privileges can change. As far as what to tell your mother in law... I just got over my bashfulness and told her flat out that we needed some alone time. Not seeing him for a couple months, and knowing I wouldn't see him again for a few more, I didn't care as much what she thought. We are married adults, and so I feel that alone time should be understandable. Enjoy your husband's graduation!!
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    When my DH (bf at the time) graduated from Navy basic, they got the day they graduated. He was able to leave base right after they were released at the end of the ceremony. We did brunch with his family, before separating off for a few hours (his mom's suggestion!), We also got to go out to dinner as well before getting him back before curfew. 

    Keep in mind, with basic training, recruits are run ragged. He may need or want to nap for a little while too. Have fun, and enjoy seeing him again! 
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