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I'm looking into trying mama cloth. Right now (22 weeks pregnant), I'm going through at least 4 panty liners a day. I'd like to try mama cloth, but I don't know how cost effective they'll be. I've read online that typically mama cloth lasts 6-7 years - is that using it once a month? So 60-72 uses?

Also, any recommendations on brands?

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Re: mama cloth users

  • I like the wrap style liners from MamaKloth on Etsy. I just started using them, so not sure how long they last, but they seem to be pretty sturdy and have held up well so far. I'm sure you could ask her and she could give you an idea.

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  • I just bought a couple Moonpads from epicerma on Etsy, but I haven't used them yet. I have used Lunapads in the past, and I like them just fine, but I have to say I'm excited about the Moonpads because 1) they're made in the USA, 2) they're made from USA-sourced organic cotton (that is HARD to come by, believe me), and 3) they are a lot thicker, softer, and generally seem more absorbent than the Lunapads.

  • I like my Pink Daisy ones...


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    I've been using mine (the same six pads) for about five years and they are still working fine. I would say especially if you're using them during pregnancy, they're totally worth it. I love that I haven't had to buy pads in years. 
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  • I have Muffies from Etsy. My have been washed 2x per week (AF + realities of having had two babies and wanting extra protection daily) for three years and they are just finally starting to fray.
  • I bought a bunch of glad rags, gee, 12 years ago and they are holding up great. No stains, either, just a bit faded. Love the mama cloth!
  • I cheaped out when I was getting started and bought newborn prefolds. They work so well I've never replaced them. I have added some fleece liners and some Luna pads panty liners tho. Over all cloth is just so much better.
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