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Hi everyone, I'm looking for what you think is the best book for a dad-to-be that you've read/used as reference!  I've googled this many times over and whatever I've found, I look up reviews.  So far based on the reviews, I'm finding books that are: demeaning to the dad-to-be, minimizing what the mom-to-be is going through and/or is demeaning to the mom-to-be, one-sided (contributing to the demeaning/minimizing natures), having too much of a joking tone (mom-to-be behavior dissing/minimizing), or not very informative.  I want to get my husband a comprehensive, realistic book that relates to him yet really gives him a good perspective on what a pregnant woman goes through physically and emotionally (especially) throughout her pregnancy, how to help/support the mom-to-be, and what to do/not do in the delivery room.  I don't want anything that won't be taken seriously or minimizes the situation.  Thank you, in advance, for any suggestions!!!

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  • I don't think such a book exists.

    I really liked What to Expect When You're Expected, but it's a humor book with a few actual tips.

    I'd be open to something that "minimizes the situation". Humor can make a pill easier to swallow.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • Thanks LuckyDad...yes humor certainly does help and eases the stress dad-to-be's are facing, I'm definitely not taking anything away from that and I'm not necessarily saying I want it to be a dry book.  But...I just want something that can be taken seriously too and not bash the dad-to-be or mom-to-be along the way just to get some laughs.  I will certainly take a look into your suggestion though! 

    Thanks again   :)

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  • The one book I was really into when my wife was pregnant was the Mayo Clinic Complete Book of Pregnancy & Baby's First Year.

    Now it is not a how to book, but rather a knowledge book.  So if I was wondering about something, I could go look it up there. It breaks it down in a way that makes it a very easy read.  


  • Very helpful, thank you ladyjenna13!!
  • There's also a lot of great information on the internet, if your dude isn't the type to sit down with a book. I'm much more the type to read a bunch of articles, although my wife is more the book type.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • My wife got me a couple books to read with our first and I didn't learn anything. They were basically your life is over, but there's a silver lining type of book. I would recommend something like ladyjena said - just a general knowledge book. Or like Luckydad - just get on the internet. There are some blogs out there he can read, or he can just google things that pop in his head. I've actually learned a few things just by going through some of these forums on this site and clicking on topics that pop out to me.
  • I just remembered that there was a book that I got at BrU.  It was more of a journal/log book, but it also provided weekly milestones for the first year.  It was called "Babies First Year Journal".

    Sadly, I never kept up with the weekly logging, but I did read through the weekly and monthly milestones that are presented there.


  • My wife bought me Dude your gAnna be a dad, so far its be good with some humor
  • Thank you, sportbikeguy13  :)
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