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3/4: Today is Moms For Moms Day!

Whether over the topic of breastfeeding vs. formula, working vs. stay at home or nanny vs. daycare, all moms can relate to passing and receiving judgments. Moms for Moms Day was created in partnership with CT Working Moms to stop the combative opinions between moms and to empower every woman to feel comfortable, confident and proud of her choices as a mom or mom-to-be. 

We know judgment passing is an issue on our boards - as well as across the internet-  and we wanted to bring more awareness to it.

We're asking moms across the country to share their own Mommy Truths on social media using the hashtag #Moms4Moms. Together, we’re all one step closer to finally closing the door on the Mommy Wars. Grab your best friend, your best girlfriends, a few moms from play group or a coworker you’ve never met before and join us by downloading our printable template and sharing your photos with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Learn more about the day here. We’re all in this together! 

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