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Deliver at Bethesda North or Good Sams??

Hello! My husband and I are due with our second in August '14. We delivered our first (emergency C-sec) at Good Sam's and let me tell you, after all of the wonderful things I had heard about them, I was unimpressed to say the least. I LOVED our labor and delivery nurses. They were fabulous! They made the absolutely terrifying experience of an emergency c-section much better. Sadly, that's all for the good things I have to say about Good Sam's. I was incredibly upset about how rude not one but ALL of our mom & baby nurses were once we moved floors. As young (we were 21), first-time parents having just been through a traumatic experience they were nothing even close to compassionate or even nice. I was and still am very upset about how they all treated us - it definitely tainted our experience. We even brought them a fruit basket and a card and tried to be as courteous as possible. We are clean, educated, middle class, NORMAL people (not that any of that should matter). We were baffled at their treatment. It was to the point where we didn't feel comfortable calling the nurses for ANYTHING.

Anywhoooo, my doctor delivers at both Good Sams and Bethesda North. Knowing that this will be a c-section again, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice and/or let me know how their deliveries went at Bethesda North. We haven't had the chance to tour the hospital yet and see the facilities so any info would be great! Thank you so much for any input! :)

Re: Deliver at Bethesda North or Good Sams??

  • I delivered my son (now 16) at Good Sam and had an emergency c section. Personally, I was unhappy with my experience there. Since then, I have delivered at Bethesda north one time and also delivering my new baby girl there this May. They have a fairly new birthing unit and I found the birth rooms to be homey and the nurses to be very kind!
  • I'm not sure if this is true or not but I have heard from two women who delivered there that if the l and d floor is at capacity you'll be In a shared room after delivering. Yikes. That's just what I have heard tho, not my actual experience. I've heard great things about Christ and b north. BabyFetus Ticker}
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  • I delievered at Bethesda North, it was absolutely amazing. I had a planned c section and the nurses were wonderful( I brought them donuts lol ) and the doctors were great, I had an absolutely amazing experience there, the room was nice and big, I loved it.
  • Thank you ladies!! Very helpful! I heard the same thing about GSam doubling up, it didn't happen to us when we were there with our first though. Hopefully our experience at Bethesda N is better than ours at Good Sam's.
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