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Hello all,

My daughter will be 24 months in April but the past 2 months my daughter has been biting her nails. At first I just thought she was teething with her fingers in her mouth but come to find out she is biting her nails (I haven't have to really cut her nails in 2 months!). Any suggestions or just wait it out?

6 months ago she was into putting her hair into her mouth but outgrew it and hasn't done it after 3 months of doing it. Never once did I tell her not to put her hair in her mouth and just waited it out... should I do the same with the biting of the nails?


Re: Biting Nails

  • DD went through that too around 3, I think she just stopped on her own because I don't see her doing it anymore.  
  • My DD will be 3 in May and has been biting her nails for the past few months as well. I don't even know the last time I had to cut them. She also told us that she bites her toe nails (gross!) when she takes her socks off during "quiet time" (she rarely naps, but has to go in her bed for a bit). When we see her biting them, we ask her not to do it. I'm going to talk to her pedi about it if it doesn't stop soon because I don't know what else to do. I hope your DD stops soon!

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  • I wish I had a solution. DD started biting her nails when she turned two and still continues to do it at 4. She even bites her toenails. I cannot remember when I last had to trim her nails because she keeps them so short. I tried keeping her nails painted with Piggy Paint in hopes she would quit biting them, no. I tried telling her to stop when I saw it- no, she just goes right back to it when she zones back out. It doesn't seem related to stress, maybe boredom because she will usually start when watching tv or lying in bed at bedtime. DH was a nail biter when younger and he keeps telling me that nothing but time worked for him. So, I have no idea how to solve the problem.
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  • Meh - I say ignore.  There are far worse things in life.  Then again…I bite my nails ;)  Mine is a boredom thing - like if I'm driving or watching a movie I just mindlessly do it.

    FWIW, nothing ever tried on me as a kid worked.
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  • Thanks everyone! I think we are going to ignor it for the time being hoping she will just move on to the next "bad" habit, haha as she stopped the sucking on her hair thing. She does have her 2 year appointment in April so I will ask and see what they suggest! Thanks again! And good luck to those who little ones do bite their nails!
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