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Birthday party and holiday weekends

lexusolsenlexusolsen member
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Ds is due a week before dd's birthday (in June). I am considering having her birthday party (which she talks about constantly) in May so that I am more likely to be still pregnant. When would you have her party?
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Birthday party and holiday weekends 54 votes

Memorial Day- three weeks before her birthday
25% 14 votes
The week before memorial weekend
53% 29 votes
The first weekend in June (a week before my due date)
20% 11 votes
0% 0 votes

Re: Birthday party and holiday weekends

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    Usm123 said:

    Are you inviting friends or just family? We usual go out of town for Memorial Day and I wouldn't change our plans for a friend party, personally. I'd either do the week before or the week after. I hope your having it somewhere that will do all the work for you!

    She really wants to do a friend party. We went to one for a preschool friend and she has been talking about her birthday party since. We will probably do a family party on or around her birthday. I don't care if they see me postpartum. But I really don't want her to think she doesn't get the party she wants so much because of her new brother.

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    larkin220 said:

    Please don't try to host a party a week before you are due. You will be exhausted, speaking from experience 3x over. All three of mine have birthdays within weeks of each other.
    3-4 weeks early.

    See that's what I was thinking. And I'm a teacher, two of my colleagues went on bed rest months before their due dates. It's very common and I'm already much more sore than I was with dd. I'm worried about going into labor early. I just don't want her to get lost in the shuffle.
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    I voted for having the party three weeks before, while you're still pregnant and HOPEFULLY less likely to go into labor. :)

    Never have either of my kids had their parties on their birthdays - they both want them when their Gram and Aunt can fly in town. Nolan (June 2nd) regularly has his party mid-May and, being so young, he doesn't know nor care.

    eclaire 9.10.06  diggy 6.2.11

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    I'm having DD's summer birthday the Sunday before before Memorial in May 25th
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    Too many people make plans for Memorial day weekend. I voted for the week before.
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    My friend planned a party the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend last year and ended up rescheduling it because so many people had plans.  I voted for the week before Memorial Day too!
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    spring_timespring_time member
    edited March 2014
    You know your audience. Half of my family goes away for Memorial Day. That is kind of rude to have it that weekend knowing that info. If your people don't go anywhere, I see no problem with that weekend.  

    I would not recommend the week before. I had a ton of great plans the week before DD was due, but she came 10 days early. 

    What about delaying the party? I hosted DS's birthday party a week or two after his actual birthday because of DD. We had the same thing, with a due date a week before his birthday.  He didn't care, he doesn't know dates yet.

    ETA: It was also kind of nice to have a party for him after DD came.  After two weeks of everybody fussing over DD, this was a day just for him.  I had a rough end of pregnancy, but a very easy labor and afterward was much better for me.

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    jlpevjlpev member
    Dds 1st bday will fall on memorial weekend. I am strongly considering the week before bc the week after memorial day is our family vacation.
    Everyones pregnancy is different. I had a huge family get together at my house 3 weeks before my scheduled rcs.
    I just recruited help & kept everything simple but fun.
    Good luck!
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    We always go away Memorial Day weekend so it wouldn't work for us. I voted for the 1st weekend in June, based solely on my own experience. I hosted a party for DD1's birthday a week before my EDD with DD2. But I had a feeling I would go late and I had no progress at my appts. Just do what works best for you and whoever can make it will make it
    DS 3.12.08
    DD 7.11.09
    DD 8.01.13
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    I thought preschool parents would think it was odd that we were having her birthday party in May since they won't see her birthday listed on that month's calendar. But in the end- I don't care lol. I think we will do it the weekend before Memorial Day. That way she gets her party with her friends and I get to not worry about it after having ds.

    Thanks for the help, ladies!
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    :)  We are in the same situation except the baby is due a week after DS 's birthday.
      I'm also having the party the week before Memorial Day. 
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