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pregnancy workout video recs!

The only workout video I tried last pregnancy seemed way to easy, so I didn't stick with it. Does anyone have any recommendations for pregnancy vids that actually give a solid workout without overdoing it? I have been doing some HIIT workouts prior to this, but nothing very consistent and I don't want to continue HIIT during pregnancy. Thanks!
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Re: pregnancy workout video recs!

  • My experience with pregnancy videos is that they are all way too easy - maybe would be great for someone who has never exercised prior to pregnancy.. my advice is to do what you were doing before, but make accommodations as necessary for the pregnancy. Cassandra Forsythe (she wrote the book - The New Rules of Lifting for Women) has a fit pregnancy series on her blog - interviews with women about the workouts they did while pregnant. It is fantastic. Just google "Cassandra Forsythe fit pregnancy" and all the links will come up. I can't recommend it enough.
  • Tony Horton's Power 90 from Beachbody is what I'm doing. It's simple but a full body workout. Just don't do the Ab Ripper floor work. Pretty much everything else you can do normally or some, like jacks, with modification. It's not a pregnancy workout, but doable for sure. I was doing Focus T25 until I found out, but it's pretty intense.
  • Any of the 'Exhale-Core Fusion' DVDs are fantastic hard, effective, but not high intesity. oh but they're not prenatal specific. they might have one by now tho.
  • Thanks, ladies! I will look into those! I was thinking I may just modify my regular stuff (like TurboFire, etc) until I don't feel comfortable with it. I will just listen to my body!
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