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Exercise to help with nausea

Hello :-)

I usually do my workouts in the morning and as I go about my day I was still experiencing the early signs i.e nausea, feeling exhausted.  Yesterday, slept in so did the workout in the evening and today I feel slightly much better than I did last week.  I am still sleepy at 11am; however, not feeling as much nausea.   I am on my 7th week!  Is it just in my head or does it help to exercise certain time of the day than the other!  Anyone else experience this?  TIA

Re: Exercise to help with nausea

  • I'm definitely experiencing this. I'm finding when I workout around 4pm when I get home from work that it helps with my symptoms and gives me the energy I need to get through evening with my super active almost 3 year old. I worked out in the mrng yesterday and hit a wall at 6pm.I  told DH he needed to take over because I needed to lay down. 
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