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One little piece of a strawberry poptart

was all it took to find out what happens to DS when he has strawberry. He had tested positive in his original allergy testing, so we'd never given him anything with strawberry. DD left a piece of her poptart in her cupholder on the way to school. Later that day, I took DS to get a haircut. Somewhere along the way, I'm guessing on the way home, he must have eaten it. I started noticing a rash after dinner on his face. By the time he got out of the tub he had a horrible diaper rash (his number #1 sign he has ingested an allergen). I just chalked it up to the fact that he had pooped more than usual that day. Around 12AM he woke up SCREAMING. He was awake, crying and inconsolable till about 1:30 when he pooped again. I went back to sleep, was almost asleep when it hit me. Son of a B! DD must have left the piece of poptart she didn't finish in the car! I rushed back into his room, waking him up again to make sure he was breathing, wasn't have any other reactions- needless to say I didn't sleep much last night. It freaked me out that he was exposed. DD is SO good about knowing what he can and can't have and asks before giving him anything to eat (she always asks if it would make her brother sick). It made me sick to my stomach just thinking how easily our LOs can get themselves into trouble and don't have the words to tell us what is going on. I"m so, so grateful that DS had the reaction he did and things weren't more serious!! Now I'll constantly be checking to make sure nothing is left within his reach. :-(

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