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New to group--combo infertility

So I'm totally new to this community board, and I don't typically put myself out there like this, but I needed to see if there was anyone that has a glimmer of hope for us.  Both my H and I have fertility issues and we've been ttc for about 16 months--so not that long.  Mine is PCOS and we've got it pretty well taken care of just by taking Metformin--yippee for Metformin.  However, my dh is having quite the struggle.  All of his numbers are low--everything: volume; sperm count; and motility.  The urologist and re were hoping it was just a fluke, but they retested last week and told us we have less than 20% chance of ever conceiving.  So here is my question:  anybody out there ever know anyone with an issue like this and still was able to conceive?  Is it possible?  They started him on clomid in hopes it will help the numbers.  I mean I knew we would struggle with me having PCOS, but I always thought it would be possible once managed.  This is a whole new realm of thinking for us.

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    Welcome! We have both male and female factors as well. We were able to conceive twice before (one successful pregnancy and one loss) however, that was before DHs numbers declined as far as they have now. (They've been in a steady decline for the last 3 years.) You would have more luck finding success stories on the PAIF/SAIF boards though, as the majority of the women on this board are still working on their first, and move over to the other boards once they have their miracles.

    My DH was/is on Clomid to improve his numbers, but it's only so that we can get a bigger selection for ICSI when we do IVF. We tried it before and it improved his count quite significantly; however, the other numbers stayed the same and his post-wash counts were abyssmal. Depending on your DHs other numbers though, the Clomid *may* bring his numbers up enough to help you to do TI or IUI. The fact that you're seeing a RE and a urologist is a great start, since they're the ones who will have the best resources for you!

    I know what you mean about expecting to only have issues on one end and ending up with both. We were shocked to learn of the MFI because we always knew that *I* had issues, but didn't think that there might be something else going on too. (Thank goodness for proper testing!) We're a team though, so anything that happens to either of us, we work on together :)

    Good luck to you! When does your DH go for a follow-up SA?

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    We also struggled with dual factor IF.  Like you, I have PCOS that I had known about for over 10 years and DH had low counts (this was a surprise).  We tried 2 IUIs but ultimately went over to IVF/ICSI due to the up and down nature of his post wash count.  DH was on HCG for his count issue, but it was mainly low T and age that were impacting his count.  

    Was your RE referring to TI/IUI or does the less than 20% chance include IVF/ICSI?  Couples in similar situations have found success going the IVF/ICSI route as good clinics can work with an extremely low count (ie, less than 100 good sperm).  

    Good Luck!

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  • Hi there. We have combo IF. I'd recommend if you are looking for success stories you visit the Pregnant after IF or Success after IF boards because we are still in the treatment stages. Good luck!

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