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My LO is 6 weeks old. I have been EBF up until a couple of days ago. I am a FTM & I broke down & gave my baby supplemental formula because she seemed so unsatisfied with just my breast. I have also been pumping and bottle feeding because I returned to work in the evenings a couple of nights a week. I hate that I broke down and used formula. :( She still nurses pretty well throughout the day and during the night but every day around 6 in the evening she throws a temper tantrum and won't take my breast. Nothing works.....except a bottle. I'm not sure if it's the nipple she likes better or the formula. I definitely do NOT want to use formula only, I LOVE breastfeeding during the night, and I obviously want her to get all of the "good stuff" breastfeeding has to offer. Is it such a terrible thing to supplement occasionally (when I'm at work and my husband is watching her)? She seems to still be fine with the breast MOST of the time, I'm just worried she will eventually not want it at all. 

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  • Have you tried pumping/hand expression to get a letdown before trying the six o'clock feed? Or try feeding her sooner-maybe she is too hungry and frustrated by six.
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  • Are you doing a paced feeding with the bottle? If she's finishing it too quickly and used to a faster flow with the bottle (even level 1 nipples are fast compared to bf) she may get frustrated with your flow.
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