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happy friday guys!

Hope you have a great day and wonderful weekend.. look forward to some posts from everyone too.

I got the car today since we woke early and drove SO to work (commute lane saved 30 minutes for him!) going to attempt to consign some baby clothes, I've heard this store can be overly picky so not sure how it will go.. whatever I can't sell will go to a few friends and the FIL's DWB trip to Mexicali next month... either way ITS OUTTA HERE

URG Sammie is dumping her box of raisins all over the living room!  WAIT... OMG she is picking them up and putting them back in the box!  YAY

Today is our 9 year anniversary, our babysitter bailed sooo we are doing a family dinner out I think :)  I'm ok with that.. I love spending time with her.. borderline becoming a crazy mom hahahahaha (kidding!)


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Re: happy friday guys!

  • Family dinners are fun! I like taking LO out because she's such a social butterfly and she really likes people watching and saying hi to everyone.

    Tonight is my monthly girls night with a few teacher friends. My friend is bringing her baby so I will get to cuddle a 2 month old and remember why I am waiting awhile to have #2! We are having pizza and wine and girl scout cookies! Lol

    Tomorrow I might go visit my mom and do to the Bok Kai parade in Marysville. It is a Chinese based parade that celebrates the water god I think...kinda funny cause its finally raining here in Cali! Perfect timing for the festival I guess, though it has never rained during the parade. It always stops just before its scheduled to start. Weird.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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  • Awe so sweet that you love your baby that much :p no but seriously I love taking Em with us to eat because she loves people. I'm probably going to visit my parents this weekend. But they are calling for more snow here, 8-12 inches! Ugh I'm sick of snow!
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  • We are going to story time, out for lunch, and yarn shopping. SD needs bright orange for her scarf. K loves Hobby Lobby herself. Then the rest of the weekend will be spent staying warm at home. We are supposed to get a few inches of snow. Hot chocolate, crocheting, and snuggling are about all that will get done around here.

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  • I'm at my parent's house in the country. A has an ear infection so she has been kind of miserable but she's on antibiotics since yesterday so I'm hoping she feels better tomorrow. If she's better I'm gonna take her to a carnival parade (it's a big holiday here).
  • Such an exciting Friday night last night....V in bed by 8:30 and I was sleeping by 9:15. 

    Swimming lessons for V today and then organizing and cleaning. Then I have to buckle down and get progress reports at least half way done. They are due on Tuesday. 

    And of course.....preparing for yet another snow storm. I'm over it!
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  • It's obviously no longer Friday,...
    ...but I went to the hospital after work on Friday for a version because baby has been breech forever.

    Well, it was a success,...after a couple attempts by the OB that did it.

    She got baby half way flipped then LO sat upright, like bum on my spine and head beneath my bellybutton. That was VERY uncomfortable to say the least.
    But then she got baby head down.
    So now I can feel baby snuggling lower and lower in preparation for the big day. Lol.

    I have a NST on Wednesday, my next regular OB appointment is at 38 weeks exactly on Thursday, and I have an ultrasound this Friday, and hopefully LO doesn't move from head down.

    Gonna be a busy week.
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