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smelly kid - how to talk to parents?

Im currently 14 weeks pregnant with our second child and also run a daycare out of my home. I have a small issue and while I know its also a sensitive matter I am at the end of my rope (along with my stomach) on what to do and how to address this issue.

I have a family of 2 kids (girl 3 yrs old and boy 11 months) that I watch every day. Now, I love children dearly and can tolerate most things but both children have bad hygiene issues. I have taken it upon myself to brush the little girls hair every morning now as its long and always in her face but its always a knotted tangled mess. She also has never brushed her teeth and has bad bo. Little brother is the same way and I have been using wipes to help with his odor but am at a loss on how to continue handling the situation.

I have politely made comments such as  "we were all playing outside alot today and I know the kids are pretty sweaty so a good bath may be in need tonight"  and the parents don't seem to get it as they both come back stinky the next day.

Any advice on how to address this would be great!
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