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High E2 pre-stim?

Hi ladies!  Today was supposed to be beginning my stim meds today - but something weird happened and I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing.  Background: rather than being on BCP, they put me on Estrace (2mg, cd1 - 30), Testosterone (1.25 ml, cd4 - 30), Prometrium (200 mg, 2xday, cd21-30) with my last dose of everything last (2/17) Monday. 

The net effect was a cycle that was the longest I ever had (36 days - I'm usually 28-29, pretty much like clockwork).  I started very light spotting on Saturday - Monday.  They had me come in on Monday for e2/p4 & u/s - but I thought it was a little silly because I hadn't started full flow.  Results: no cysts, but P4 was still really high so wait for full flow.  CD1 arrived mid-day on Weds, they got me in for repeat b/w and u/s on Thurs morning, made sure I had all my meds - gave me a rundown of everything - this is it - we're gonna do this!  (Pretty excited!)  Results: still no cysts, one tiny follie, P4 levels much better, but E2 was elevated so don't do stims.

The good news is I'm being transferred directly to a new pre-stim regimen - and my protocol looks like it's pretty much going to be the same minus clomid.  Everything has been bumped back about a month - which isn't a HUGE deal - but it's definitely disappointing.  We've been working with these guys since July and would really like to get to it already!  This foreplay stinks!  Anyone else been cancelled pre-stim due to high E2?

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Re: High E2 pre-stim?

  • How high was it? Hopefully next cycle will be better. :/ 

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  • I had the exact opposite problem, so I'm no help, just wanted to say good luck when you do start!

    Two DDs 10/08 and 08/10, no primary IF
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     3 BFN clomid + TI cycles, 5 BFN clomid/gonal f IUIs, 1 mmc IUI
    2/19/2014 IVF #1 Unexpected low E2 (oversuppressed) -> increased to max doses = 3 or 4 follicles, converting to IUI
    BFFP Saw 1 beautiful heartbeat at 6w6d, follow up u/s at 9w showed mmc. Eff this.
    NTNP 5/2014-9/2014, OPKs and TI 10/2014 - 1/2015. 
    RPL testing all normal, AFC, AMH, and FSH all normal. 
    IVF 1.2 1/22/2014 natural cycle start, AFC 28, 300 gonal f/150menopur. 
    ER 2/3/15 14R 8M 3F w/ICSI Day 5 transfer on 2/8/15 of one "Grade A+" blast and have TWO frosties! 


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