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3rd Trimester

Frustration about labor...I'm an emotional wreck.

The last 2 weeks, my emotions have been nothing short of overdramatic. I feel so physically bad right now, and it's showing in how I respond to stuff. I have cried almost everyday for the last 2 weeks, over anything and everything. If it doesn't work out like I felt it should have, I cry my eyes out. To add insult to injury, I'm dealing with a nuisance cold that just won't go away. I have zero signs of labor right now, and I'm less than a week from his due date. The only "sign" of labor is loose stools, compared to my rock hard normal ones, but it's been 2 weeks since that started. I was 1/2 cm at my last appointment 5 days ago, so pretty much nothing. He was -3 station, and I think she said 50% effaced. I have drank a TON of RRL tea and have been on my feet 24/7 between work and cleaning. My last day of work was yesterday, so I'm currently on leave. I'm already going insane. I bounce on my exercise ball and try to get my hips moving. I haven't even had 1 BH today. He feels low, but I guess not low enough. I climb stairs pretty often since our bedroom is down the stairs. Have not lost ANY of my plug.
This is my 3rd pregnancy and birth. The first was induced. The second they broke my water for me.  I never went into labor without the OB putting me in it.  I'm feeling like it will be the same thing this time, and I'll be pregnant til I'm 42 weeks. The amount of frustration I feel is overwhelming. This pregnancy has been a nightmare with all of the physical ailments that I had the whole time. Now that I'm down to the final days, with no signs of his birth, it's making me crazy. I'm to the point where I over analyze every BH and just PRAY that it turns into a real contraction. It obviously hasn't. My induction with #1 was horrible, and I don't want to do that ever again. I pushed for 3 hours, he came out blue, and I was literally seconds from getting a C-section. My 2nd baby had obviously stayed in too long, was huge, and had to be vacuumed out. I don't want to do that stuff again. I just want a NORMAL birth, no weird tools and no drugs. I'm to the point where I have stopped preparing because I feel like I still have almost a month before he's here. So frustrated! I thought with multiple pregnancies/births, it got easier and faster. My body must suck with pregnancy and birth because it definitely has not.
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Re: Frustration about labor...I'm an emotional wreck.

  • I'm so sorry. The end of pregnancy is so hard on so many levels!!!
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  • I'm sorry you're having such a rough time.  I hope it gets better for you, and sooner than later!  Someone else mentioned it, but with my second, I had no clue I was going into labor even the day before, so it's not always obvious.  Just do your best to relax and enjoy the last days of feeling a baby move inside you. 
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  • Sorry momma. Hey one positive is you haven't had a c section!!!!
    Keep positive. Lo will come
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  • I'd be a mess too! No kidding,,, you need a flipping labor break! I'm hoping it comes right on time for you! Those histories sound so scary & you deserve the bliss of it. I would be crying everyday too! I already do and I'm only 27 weeks! Here's hoping for you!
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  • ncbelle said:
    Relax mama!!  I know it's frustrating and that the end of pregnancy can be tough.  But it's also a head game.  My advice…stop analyzing every contraction and willing them to come - that's only a recipe for stress (which will delay labor!).  There's nothing "wrong" with a body that goes "late" - a due date is simply an average.  It's also totally normal to have zero signs of labor until it happens - you'll just drive yourself batty trying to read every tiny sign.

    I'd stop doing internal checks, ignore your symptoms and just enjoy the last few days - or weeks! - of pregnancy.

    I was 10 days "late" with my second and I'm fully mentally prepared to go to 42 weeks this time - I'm just not going to think about labor until I'm sure it's the real deal ;)
    This. Maybe try doing something relaxing. Go for a spa treatment (a prenatal message might help, or acupuncture), or to the movies (if you can sit in the theatre that long). Anything that you enjoy and find distracting. You could try some extra walking, that always brought contractions on for me with my second labour. But then they would stop and I would have nothing else. Sex is always good if you can. Have you checked out the Natural Birth board? They usually have some ongoing threads about natural induction methods.

    I was 13 days overdue with my second but was a stretchy 7 cm the last week or 2. Finally my midwife suggested breaking my water and he was born 65 minutes later. It was a frustrating and uncomfortable last bit of pregnancy but I am preparing to go 42 weeks again this time around and if it happens sooner great, if not, then I will try not stress about it. 

    Good Luck Mama!
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