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i dont think its working....

for the last two weeks, ive been going to the gym and eating healthier... and i dont think its working! i go to an hour spin class on monday, run/walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes and do some machines on wednesday, another hour spin class on thursday and a yoga class on saturday - on top of running around after my two little ones during the day!
the scale isnt moving
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Re: i dont think its working....

  • Get a calorie tracking app for your phone. I like My Fitness Pal. It is very easy to overestimate calories burned from exercise and underestimate calories consumed. If you just started exercising, you might have also started eating more without realizing it. High intensity exercise, like spinning, causes hunger.

    Also, losing weight is a slow process. Unless you have a lot to lose, you should expect to lose about a pound a week. More than that will be miserable and potentially unhealthy.

  • I hate the scale
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  • Don't base your progress on the scale!!! If you feel great, and notice differences in energy and how you feel, then that is all that matters. Keep in mind, it sounds like you are doing a lot and muscle weighs more than fat so maybe you are gaining muscle weight :).
  • MUSCLE DOES NOT WEIGH MORE THAN FAT!!!!!!!!!!! a pound is a pound, but 5 pounds of muscle and 5 pounds of fat look VERY different on your body. That is why most of these ladies are telling you to track inches and go off of feelings. Make a commitment to workout and eat better for the long haul. If you are doing it to lose 10 pounds, you'll most likely lose and gain and lose and gain. Just make easy life style changes that you don't feel totally imprisoned by. Don't expect miraculous results in days or weeks, that is setting yourself up for frustration and feeling let down. 

    Be very proud of yourself for taking steps to get healthy and lean. I've also noticed that just when I'm on the verge of giving up, that's when the results show up. I encourage taking pics weekly to track your progress, when you want to give in take a look at how far you've come. 

  • Could you ditch your scale and try Crossfit? I'm a huge fan. It is so awesome.
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  • I don't go by the scale. I go by how my clothes feel. And I measure my bust, waist, and hips.

    It takes time. Don't lose sight. Just keep at it!
  • As others have said - ditch the scale and go off of how your clothes are fitting (this will change with transitioning fat into muscle!) and how you're feeling.  The only deficiencies I notice are where is your lifting and what is your diet doing to accommodate the exercise.  Notice that DID NOT say "cut calories" because over-exercising and under-eating can be worse for you than doing nothing to get the body back on track.  Many of my bodybuilding friends point out how they eat more calories when prepping for a show compared to their normal diet, but remember, everything they're eating tastes like chicken and cardboard.. 

    Lifting is also something you should be doing because muscle burns more calories to maintain itself.  My lifting friends say one perk of lifting is they get to eat more to maintain thus "get away with it" in a sense...  Muscle will also give you definition which is a good thing.  Never fear bulking, women don't have nearly enough testosterone to "bulk"...

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  • Two weeks isn't nearly enough time to see progress, unless you're using an ill-advised 'quick fix.' This needs to be a lifestyle, not a diet. It works in conjunction with exercise, and creates a healthier, happier you.

    PPs are right; focus on how you FEEL, how your clothes are fitting, and how much more energy you have. Everything else will fall into place.

    We're conditioned to believe in instant gratification, and there really isn't a quick fix that lasts when it comes to losing weight and being healthy.

    Good luck - and don't give up!
  • First, you can't go by the scale. I looked really good at 9 months postpartum, but the scale told me I still had about 8 lbs to lose of the 35 lbs I gained; where that was, no one could tell...the scale is not our friend after having a baby.

    Also, I read this book "my baby hijacked my body, now I want it back", and in one of the chapters, it talked about exactly what we are describing. It helped put things into reasonable perspective, so I didn't stress over it as much, as well, it had a sheet to calculate the amount of calories I was to consume everyday so I had a range of knowing where I was to be at. This is all a psychological place we are in, and thats what the book understood, (not just about what exercise to do, or what to eat).
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