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3rd Trimester

working through a long labor...

I had my bloody show Thursday morning, and have had regular contractions lasting 1 minute each, 5 minutes apart since about 1pm. It is now 1:48an and im still at that spacing. The contractions are VERY SLOWLY getting stronger. having a tough time keeping my chin up :/ FTM, so I'm guessing that's why it us taking so long. My mom and husband walked with me all day which helped. But I guess I was hoping to be in more active labor by now...Just seeing if anyone is or has gone through this.

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  • I had contrax for 2 days before going into active labor with #2.
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  • Just try to rest and relax - I know it's frustrating and mentally draining!!  But baby will come - relaxing and getting sleep is about all you can do right now.
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  • I also had contractions for a couple of days (but they were pretty much painless). Then my water broke and things were off to the races! I hope you can get some rest.
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  • Yes, I have BTDT. My first labor was 46 hours. Hang in there!

  • I labored for about 20 hrs once my contractions were timeable.  My best piece of advice is to rest now as much as you can. I know it hurts, and I know your mind is going a mile a minute. But when you start getting to a full day without any sleep, it's incredibly draining, and that's at the point when you're supposed to be gearing up to push... all you want to do is close your eyes for an hour but the pain by then is intense. So sleep now, as much as you can.
  • I went through this with my first labor. I feel your pain, it sucks. But as previos posters have said try to relax, it will help your cervix dialate and move things along. Hang in there mama, your at the end = )
  • Thanks! I slept some, and im still having reddish brown discharge (sorry!) But my contractions have slowed down :( going for a walk to see if they pick back up... It's good to know others have had super long early labors. I was afraid I was "broken" or something.
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