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Plugged duct

I believe I have a plugged duct started early this am, I've had hot shower , warm compress frequent feedings everything ! I leak a lot from that side in general and that hasn't changed but I've noticed on the last few breast pads greenish discharge ? Is that the plug coming out ?? No signs of mastitis yet. Any thoughts or experience with this

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  • i would see your care provider. nipple discharge is not generally a symptom that's associated with either a plugged duct or mastitis.
  • This could be entirely different, but I've had to have two abscesses drained due to untreated Mastitis (I had no idea I had Mastitis since I didn't show symptoms so it went days untreated). Both times they told me that the pus drained was greenish which was a sign of infection. You may want to call your doctor and check?

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  • Thanks ladies ill do that :)
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