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My husband and I recently decided to start trying to conceive! I got my Mirena out on February 4th, and have been charting since then. I just started taking prenatal vitamins today. My doctor said that it takes a few cycles to actually conceive after Mirena, however I wanted to know what real women's experiences have been? And don't worry, I'm not getting my hopes up that we are going to get pregnant in this first cycle! We are just excited to keep trying!
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Re: New here!

  • I am sure some conceive quicker, and some slower than a few cycles.

    You are doing the right thing by charting and keeping track of your cycles-- so good luck to you!



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  • Welcome & good luck!
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    I have been off my bc (Jolessa) since November.  Charting my cycle, etc.  I am regular, as the doctor looked at my chart and said everything looks good.  The doc said to try for a year, and then we will look at other options.  So... here's crossing my fingers.
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