Pregnant after 35

Had my 8 week appt

Ultrasound showed only one baby.... Thank you God! I was referred for the Materniti21 test, as my clinic does not do the testing there. I called my insurance and they do cover 80% of the test, subject to my deductible. I think I am going to go ahead and do it. Heartrate was 176 and baby was moving a little. I was measuring right on, so that was good. Next appt in 4 weeks.

Now, we can buy our Suburban and not have to worry about an even bigger vehicle lol (we have 5 other kids)

Re: Had my 8 week appt

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    Congrats on a great appt!

    Me-41, Hubby-40.
    1st BFP-8/17/12!  Missed Miscarriage discovered @ 8 week US.  D&C.
    2nd BFP-2/13/13!  Blighted Ovum discovered @ 8 week US. Natural miscarriage.
    3rd BFP-5/22/13!  By early June, progesterone plummeting.  Another loss.
    August 2013 - started Donor Egg process, but surprise BFP with my own eggs.
    Dear Son born 5/28/14
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    Yay for the good news! This is my first and I remember how relieved I was when they told me it was only one in there. I can't imagine how I would have felt already having 5 kids.


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    Congrats on a great scan and one happy little one. :)

    First-time mom, 35+, parenting after a loss (mmc Oct. 2012 @ 8 wks), ttc for a year after loss

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    Congrats! At 8 weeks, do they do a transvaginal us or on the stomach?
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    Transvaginal... fun times lol
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    Yay! Good news.
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