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Water breaking?

My water never broke with my first one. And I'm not sure if mine just did... I've put on a maxi pad to monitor the flow of this water like discharge. Long story short. I stood up and had some low pelvic pain and then I felt a small gush of fluid, I thought I had pee'd myself but it smelled like discharge. And I feel small amounts of fluid flow out occasionally. But I'm not having what I would consider real contractions, cause they don't hurt. Has anyone else experienced this when their water broke? I've always been told it doesn't hurt. 

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  • The pelvic pain might have just been a coincidence. If you are preterm, I would call the OB to get checked. If you are at term, I would prepare for delivery. :) How long are you comfortable waiting it out?
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    I'm comfortable waiting a while especially since I'm not having what I consider real contractions. I still want to monitor the flow of fluid considering it's not a constant flow. But the smell is really starting to gross me out. Does amniotic fluid have a smell?
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  • My water only broke with my third and at first it was an obvious gush…not like anything else I have ever experienced…very forceful feeling too.  Hour later as we were dropping kids off it went full blown water breaking…like the soaking wet no doubt kind.  Sounds like your water breaking though…but it could also go the other way.  I was on vacation a few weeks ago and had a quick gush of something…felt VERY similar to my water breaking with my third…but it was nothing!
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  • The instructions my doc sent home two weeks ago say to empty your bladder, then lay down for 30 min to 1 hr, then note if you have a flow of water when you stand.
  • I just sat reclined for about an hour and after standing up and moving around I am leaking still
  • I would call your doctor. How far along are you??

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  • I'm 38 wks and 3 days
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    I'm going to call my doc when my mom gets back. I just slept for like an hour or so and The dizziness hasn't subsided and the leaking is still going on.
  • If you notice the leaking more as you stand or sit it is probably your water.  Get a snack and some water and keep resting, you're going to need it!  When mine broke with my first, it was slow like that and I was so early I ignored it for probably 6 or 7 hours (didn't think it could be my water breaking because I was only 35 weeks) until it increased and started turning pink.  It was another 1-2 hours before I got to the hospital; they said I was having contractions but I wasn't noticing them at all at that point.  Oh, and I had that big huge gush in the ER when I got up from checking in.  That was awesome, LOL!

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  • There going to do that test thing at my appointment tomorrow to see if the liquid is amniotic fluid. If my "contractions" get more common or start to hurt or if i start seeing pink on the pad then I'll go to the er. 
  • They don't want to see you???
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