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Any ideas on waking every hour after 1am?

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My LO 5 1/2 mo seems to sleep great from 7:30-12 or 1 then he is up every hour. Could this be gas? (He usually has to toot before he can sleep again) Or just wanting to be awake? Is there anything I can do to help him sleep? We bed share and have a side car crib. One of my thoughts is most nights he starts in the side car then moves to next to me after his first wake up.
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Re: Any ideas on waking every hour after 1am?

  • At 5 months, my son's night sleep went riiiiight down the toilet. (his naps tanked at 4 months).  I attribute it to that four month wakeful period.  A combination of major developments (like sitting, movement, etc.) and being aware of the world around him.

    The good news is - both naps and night sleep gradually increased back to normal for us.  (For him that meant only 1 night wake).

    The bad news is - it took a while to get there.  His 1 hour wakeup extended to every 2 hours, then every 3 hours, etc.  I think it was a good 6 weeks (maybe longer?) until he was back to normal.

    The worse news is - we had a lot of regressions back to frequent wakings when he started teething, and getting sick in the fall/winter.  (But these also resolved themselves)

    As far as what to do to help him sleep, it's probably things you're already doing.  Keep the lights down/off, no real "interaction" (it's not playtime), and whatever things you normally do to get him to sleep (rub back, pat bottom, nurse, etc.)
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  • My only advice is power through it. It won't last forever! Bedsharing and nursing back to sleep were the only things I did, and he eventually stopped waking constantly :)


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  • There is also a 6 month growth spurt so he could be hungry. Also prime teething age...
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