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Anyone know how this could go wrong? Cliques and hurt feelings is what I see in the future. Along with newbies having no one to talk to.

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  • Jack9 said:
     defacto batcave 
    that can be our band name!
    [Deleted User]ladyjenna13
  • Hmm, I wonder what's happening over on Friendster nowadays.
    [Deleted User]
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  • I can see only the social groups being used and the new guys thinking this place is dead and not signing up. Maybe I'll be wrong.

  • What's Friendster?
  • Old social networking site.  
  • It sounded familiar, makes sense it's old.
  • Guess I won't be inviting you to my exclusive social group then.

    [Deleted User]
  • The all BBB all the time social group.  
    PrimeWulfgar[Deleted User]LuckyDad
  • There's so much potential.
  • Having visited some of the other groups, some of them are already basically social groups that are very rough on newbies.  I will not name any of them, but on the one they finally posted rules about newbies posting for the first time and if you don't give a long sob story then someone will jump on you especially if they are in the middle of a hormone cycle.
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  • Dam u musta been on the same one as my wife, she suggested i just stay on the dads board
  • It's a rough world outside the Dad's board. If you go out there tie yourself to a rope and have one of us hold the other end so we can drag you back in.
    [Deleted User]ladyjenna13sportbikeguy13
  • no doubt.  females be trippin'.  lives have been lost on the other side.  I love how some of them try to talk to us like we are their husband or something, deserving of their own personal bitch session.

    Shut the fuck up!!


    sportbikeguy13[Deleted User]
  • Dam u musta been on the same one as my wife, she suggested i just stay on the dads board

    The whole thing is to approach only the boards where acceptance has already been granted by the majority.  Parenting is a cool forum, and pretty much the only one I venture in.

    Stay away from birth month forums.  they will try to castrate you there!


  • Depends on the birth month... before the entire December 2010 board migrated to Facebook, I was accepted there pretty openly.  Granted, I didn't really try to delve into any of the female specific posts dealing with "women's issues" or things that I knew I had no knowledge on... I stayed on the more kid related ones.
  • I told my wife to stay out of those boards and not to poke the bears. Now she said she just reads there post and laughs cause there's so ridiculously cut thoat

  • futant462 said:
    The all BBB all the time social group.  
    I was skeptical about social groups before reading this.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
  • We need more BBB...
    Here is my most recent shot of my growing beer collection.
  • I had no problems with the Birth Month board and when we got PG for the second time the people on that Birth Month board had no issues with me.  I also got aid from the miscarriage board when I was asking for advice for MW since it was Thanksgiving weekend and she was miserable.

    There are other boards that I would not touch with a ten foot pole.
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  • polooo27 said:
    There's so much potential.
    Surely you jest.
    Proud 40 year old, first time daddy!
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