How to "suck up" pre-seed? At-Home Insemination

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this - sorry - please let me know if it's not -

So, stupid question... My husband and I are trying our first at home insemination with a frozen donor sperm tomorrow. I've been reading that you should suck up a little bit of preseed in the syringe before sucking up the sperm.  I'm not going to be using the catheter part, just the syringe. Does anyone know how exactly you suck up the preseed?? Do I squeeze a bit out into my hand and then suck it up?? I know this is really stupid.. we're both so nervous and I want to make sure I do everything right. Thanks for any input!

Re: How to "suck up" pre-seed? At-Home Insemination

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