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SAHMs - how structured is your day outside of school?

I'm thinking I need to structure DSs day a little better. He goes to preschool in the afternoon 4 days/week. He has swimming 2 mornings/week. Beyond that our day is kind of open to do whatever...errands, playing, park, etc. It's different all the time and I'm at fault for that. I can't seem to stick to the same schedule from week to week. I'm thinking I need to factor in things at certain times each day so things are more structured and he always knows what to expect. Just curious what others are doing.
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Re: SAHMs - how structured is your day outside of school?

  • At 4 years old I don't think it needs to be that structured unless he has issues with transitions.  Outside of school our days aren't structured at all.  Other than we eat dinner around 5pm and bedtime is 7pm, but for activities, errands, playdates, etc. it's not structured.  We spend most of our down time at home playing or playing outside.  I try to do errands when they are at school or shop online or when DH is home.  I like them to spend most to their time playing.  


  • You have plenty of time for schedules!! We eat bfast and lunch pretty much at the same time during the school week. I actually don't want my kids to be so rigid with their schedule. I like them to be somewhat flexible ; ) but now that I have one in 2nd grade once we pick him up it is homework and activities after school.
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  • Ours is pretty structured because the kids and I do better with structure/a routine. A typical non-preschool day of the week.

    6:30-7 - kids are wake up
    8 - speech therapy
    9 - gym, playtime at childcare for the kids
    11 - storytime
    12 - lunch
    12:30 - 2:30 - DS naptime, DD quiet time, I do housework
    2:30-4:30 - tot school, playtime, walk the dog...
    5-7- dinner, time with daddy
    7:30 - bedtime
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