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3rd Trimester

did anyone get an ultrasound in their 3rd tri?

i really want another one...at least just to make sure the size of the baby is on track!  also i find it strange that my docs scheduled my appts. 4 weeks apart in my last tri... pretty sure they are supposed to be 2. 

Re: did anyone get an ultrasound in their 3rd tri?

  • I'm mobile so I don't know if your siggy says how far along you are. My doctor did a sizing ultrasound at 30 weeks. With dd, I think it was later but can't remember. I don't know if that's standard. My two week appointments started at 30 weeks and weekly appointments at 36. Do you know for sure that they don't do that?
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  • Usually you'll start going every two weeks when you reach 30 weeks. And then it'll go to once a week once you're 37 weeks. 

    I can't be certain, but I think they'll do a sizing ultrasound around 37 weeks to see where baby's development is.

    How far along in your third trimester are you? Baby is going to be growing so much and I think the rates for everyone are probably different. I think if you keep feeling movement, keep finding your belly growing and keep giving baby what it needs, it'll take care of itself and grow, grow, grow!

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  • im just shy of 32 weeks.  they have so many doctors that they shuffle you around to a different one every appt. it drives me crazy.  i would find a new place but they are really the only choice where i live.  i get a different answer from each doctor as to what is normal at their practice.  ive been keeping track and am going to show it to all of them, including their employer and be like ...really?  awesome job guys lol.  i even called the main office and asked for official policies etc. and they said well all our doctors know what their doing.  its driving me crazy. 
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    Nope, no ultrasounds unless they felt it was medically necessary. They have been doing 3-4 week apart appointments during my 3rd tri as well. I'll be 35 weeks next time I go in and then they'll be starting to see me more often. I'm sure yours will do the same when you get closer to the end. 
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  • I don't start appts every two weeks until 35 weeks and no ultrasounds unless there is a medical reason or you need a sizing one (in the case of gestational diabetes, etc). 
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    The standard in a lot of places, including where I live, is 2 ultrasounds - NT scan and anatomy scan. That's it unless anything else is medically necessary.

    I will be going for another one early in the 3rd tri because my placenta was low at the anatomy scan and they are monitoring it's movement in case it turns into previa.

    My biweekly appointments will start somewhere around 30 weeks.
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  • I did-- yes, at around 35 weeks.

    My appointments were also 4 weeks apart in 3rd tri up through 36 weeks.  Once I hit 36 weeks, they were every week.  I am sure every doc is different though.


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  • Not all docs do it that I am aware of. I had one done at 32 weeks because I'm high risk. I go every week from 32 weeks on but normally not until 34-36 weeks do they go every week at our doc office.

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  • I had one at 36 weeks last time because they thought he was measuring large at my office visits.  The ultrasound said everything was fine, actually on the small side of normal.  An ultrasound isn't standard in the 3rd trimester.

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  • We have one scheduled for 40 weeks and 1 day along with a growth scan to make sure it is safe to keep carrying LO up to the 42 week max my doctor allows.
  • I had a growth scan at 30 weeks and this Friday at 36 weeks.

    I also have weekly fluid checks, so yes, I have now and will continue to have several through my 3rd tri.

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  • I also started appts every 2 weeks in the third tri, and starting at 36 weeks they are every week.  Unless I specifically request a certain OB I see a variety as well.  It's not my favorite thing, but you don't know who you're going to have when you go into labor, so it's good to try and meet everyone throughout the pregnancy.
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  • My doctor is having me do an ultrasound at 37 weeks to check approximate weight, fluids, etc... to make sure we are on track. Not sure if this is common practice or not.
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  • I'm getting an ultrasound at 36w but that's because the baby flipped transverse at my last appointment. If there are no medical indications my OB's office only offers the NT scan and requires the AS. 
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  • I just got an u/s yesterday (at 36w6d) but that's only because the doctor was concerned LO was breech.  My bi-weekly appointments didn't start until 35 weeks.

    I think it's fairly common to not have an u/s after your anatomy scan unless there is some type of concern.
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  • My first pregnancy was a typical healthy pregnancy and I did not have anything past my anatomy scan. With my second, my son had kidney issues that needed to be checked so I had several late into my pregnancy. Unless medically necessary, there really isn't any reason for you to have one in your 3rd trimester. 

  • I start going every week starting at 32 weeks because of my age (I'm 38). My Dr. said he would also be doing an ultrasound every week starting then as well. Every other week he'll check growth and the weeks he's not doing that, he's just going to quickly check on baby to make sure everything is going ok. Apparently older Moms get a lot more attention because I never had all these appts with my daughter (I was 33 when I was pregnant with her). 
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  • My OB doesn't start every other week appts until 32 weeks, so this is my last four week stretch until I start going more frequently.  

    My office did mention that I will have another u/s sometime around week 34-35, but I am not exactly sure when. 
  • The standard in a lot of places, including where I live, is 2 ultrasounds - NT scan and anatomy scan. That's it unless anything else is medically necessary.

    I will be going for another one early in the 3rd tri because my placenta was low at the anatomy scan and they are monitoring it's movement in case it turns into previa.

    My biweekly appointments will start somewhere around 30 weeks.
    This is what's happening to me too. Normally the last scan would have been my A/S.

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  • I have a scan every 3-4 wks but I have other medical issues going on most of my friends only got 3 ultrasounds dating, anatomy, and then a size one at the very end. 
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  • If my pregnancy were "normal" I would not have another u/s after my anatomy scan, however, my pregnancy is not "normal", so I will be having more u/s in third tri.

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  • I had an ultrasound yesterday at 36w2d because at my last appt LO was measuring small and as it turns out he's breech. They also checked my fluids but I won't find out any more solid info until my next and last bi-weekly appt at 37 wks. My OB also said they'll start doing weekly visits at that point and that was before finding out LO was breech.
  • I just had another one this morning at 31w5d. The one I had at 20 weeks would have been my last one til birth. But since my blood pressure has been a little odd lately, they wanted to check on her and make sure everything was going according to plan. Great news is that she is healthy as can be! It was SO neat seeing her now that she's all grown! Tech went a little snap happy and took at least 20 photos for me to bring home too. My little girl is already a rock star :-P Just gotta make sure my BP stays where it is or lower so that she stays in there cooking til she's ready!

  • With my first, we didn't get any ultrasounds after the anatomy scan. With my second, we're having one done at 32 weeks to check her growth because she's been on the smaller side.
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  • My last appt. was this tuesday at just under 28 weeks.  I was told to come back in two weeks and to also make an appt. for an ultrasound in two weeks.  Then I will continue going every two weeks until 36 weeks, then every week till my RCS at 39 weeks.  They'll do another u/s at 37 weeks.  Same schedule when I had DS 3.5 years ago, except I didn't have a scheduled c-section.





  • I was just told that they'll do a 3D ultrasound at 32 weeks. I'm sure there's a medically necessary reason for it but I didn't ask; I was too excited to get to see baby again!
  • I had one at like 31 weeks which is standard where I go. They check the size of baby. Was measuring at 50th percentile. Fast forward 3 weeks and my fundal measurements are putting me at 38 weeks with very little weight gain in the last month so it's all belly and baby. Doctor wants another ultrasound on March 10th to see how baby is measuring. (No GD or anything so there would be no reason for me to be measuring larger). He just doesn't want to be surprised with a big baby. Could also be extra amniotic fluid. They just want to know what's up.
    So basically, you don't really need one unless they need to check up on something. If you're measuring on track then you are probably fine!
  • At my practice I see all four, bc you never know who is going to be on call when you go into labor. I have bi weekly appointments starting at 30 weeks and it switches to weekly at 36. I also have GD so they do more ultra sounds to moniter the baby. If I didn't the only ultra sounds would just have been the dating of my pregnancy and anatomy scan.
  • They only give you an ultrasound in your third trimester if something is wrong, at least at my midwives office.  They also start seeing you every 2 weeks at 30 weeks, and then every week at 36 weeks.

  • i'll be going weekly since  week 35 and actually had an ultrasound this week to check babies position. she's lying transverse with a foot near her head and the other near her butt!  if she hadn't been in this weird position i probably wouldn't have gotten another ultrasound after the anatomy scan at 20 weeks.

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  • Ditto what PPs have said - 2-week appointments starting @ 30 weeks. I wouldn't have had any more ultrasounds except that I was measuring a bit small so they just did one yesterday. They should be measuring your fundal height (which should be within 2-3 centimeters of the number of weeks you are along) and perhaps feeling around to check baby's size and positioning. If that all seems normal, there's no reason for more ultrasounds.
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  • I thought common practice was every two weeks at 28 and then every week at 36.


  • I thought common practice was every two weeks at 28 and then every week at 36.

    This is what my doc does. I actually had an appointment at 26 weeks then another at 28 weeks to get me on that schedule.
  • My a/s should have been my last ultrasound.  My doctor only does additional ultrasounds if there are issues.  However, I had a fetal echo due to my husband's heart condition, a BPP due to having the norovirus and spending 2 nights in L&D, and I am having a growth ultrasound on Thursday due to my fundal height measuring small.


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  • Well, I had one a couple of weeks ago at 37.5 weeks b/c my Dr wanted to make sure he wasn't breech. He was already weighing in @ 8 lbs. Although I'm thinking thats not right. And I've had weekly appt.s since about 35 weeks.
  • My OB orders an ultrasound between 36-38 weeks for babies and moms who consistently measure ahead or behind or who are having complications or have a history of complications. I don't think she orders one for totally average pregnancies.


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  • I might have to have one if I'm measuring big since I am trying for a VBAC.

  • My understanding isthat in most typical pregnancies, there are 2 ultrasounds done.  The first is donein the first timester, between 8-12 weeks, to establish the pregnancy and to establish the gestational age and your due date.  The second one is done at around 20 weeks; at this ultrasound (which takes a while) the tech measures Baby's limbs, spine, organs, and skull to make sure that developmentally everything is on track.  This is also when you can opt to find out Baby's gender; it is alo commonly when due dates are ajusted, if the doctor sees that the baby is in a different developmental stage or size. 

    Ultrasounds in the thrid trimester are not commonly done for a typical pregnancy, unless something changes or you start "measuring small", in which case your doctr will want to make sure there's no reason to be concerned (i.e., IUGR or other developmental anomolies). Always keep in mind though that every doctor will have his or her own policies for this.  And, if you really want to see your baby again, you can always ask for another one- the worst thy can say is no!

  • I had 3 regular ultrasounds. The 4th was to check her heart but if there had not been any abnormality during my 3rd, they wouldn't have given me another one. 
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