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what just happened?

ok sorry for TMI, but I just went to pee and when I got up and was done peeing, fluid was coming out of me. It certainly was not pee- not the color, consistency or smell of pee, but it was probably only 2-3 tablespoons, so I dont think thats my water breaking.... am I leaking fluid? I dont like to call my dr unless I am super concerned about something, and I feel totally normal besides that odd occurence. Any ideas?
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Re: what just happened?

  • if your sure its not pee, call your dr
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  • You might be leaking - so I'd call your doc. While you wait for them to call you back, one way to confirm whether you're leaking is to lay down for a few minutes and then get up. If you're leaking, you'll feel some fluid flow out of you when you get up. Might want to use a panty liner, just in case. Good luck!
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  • You would know best, but you might be surprised how much you'll pee after you feel like you've finished peeing, all you have to do is shift your belly sometimes or lean back to get another 2 tablespoons. Just a thought.

    The pp is right about laying down - first empty your bladder, then lay with your feet slightly elevated for about 30 minutes. If you stand up and detect fluid, then it's probably your waters.
  • thanks everyone! I laid down for a whle and nothing more... hopefully it was just a weird fluke-y thing.
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  • Wait to see if you leak anymore.

  • Wait to see if you leak anymore.

    This. And just so we're all clear, leaking fluid and having your water break, is the same thing.
  • Keep an eye on it, my water broke with a slow leak at 35 weeks with my first.  I only noticed it when I would sit or stand, it lasted like that for probably 6 hours and because I was so early I didn't think it was my water breaking. Then that evening it increased and then started turning pink.  By 7 or 8 hours later I was pretty sure that was what was going on and we drove to the hospital.  But I've also noticed that sometimes pee seems to keep coming out this time and I don't always feel it and I'm guessing it's because of the wonderful swelling.
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  • I only got a few tablespoons at first when my water broke in labor. It isn't always a ton of fluid (because baby's head can get in there and stop the flow). Amniotic fluid apparently smells sweet.
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  • Call, they can do an amniosure in the OB ward quickly (test results in 20 mins). 

    If you have a premature rupture, you are much higher risk for infections which could be dangerous for your baby.  Better to know than not.  They also may request that you rest, etc, for the best interest of the baby.
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