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AW Story Time

We made it to story time at Barnes and Noble. K love it! She was the only one there. The lady who read was awesome. K was glued to her enthusiasm. I was a proud momma. We will be going every week and some times on Saturday. I am excited to add this to our schedule.

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Re: AW Story Time

  • Sounds so fun!  They told me at DC today that H will cry if they don't read all of the books during story time (I guess they read a certain sequence of  books).  As long as they read ALL the books, then he's good.  I think our local library also does a story time on the weekends - do you have anything like that where you live?

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  • we go to a preschool age one on Thursdays... she was doing GREAT but lately is trying to run around and get in kids faces... going to continue to take her and just teach her appropriate behavior.. for the most part I love it.
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  • Our local library is the primary school's library. They do a story time once a month on a Saturday. A lot of times it is geared at the kids that go to school.

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