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Early menopause at 27 ?

Hi ladies I'm a 27. Year old mom of 2 (5year old and14 month old ) I have recently been told that I have Chronic low estrogen levels , my symptoms have been going on for a while now (4 years) I have zero sex drive , sex is painful and not enjoyable , I'm depressed moody and just not a nice person ! I'm waiting on an app for a specialist which could take months , I'm scared I won't be able to have anymore kids? Has anyone overcome this at my age ? My thyroid was normal and I get regular periods ? Has anyone ever had this happen to them ?

Re: Early menopause at 27 ?

  • No experience personally, but what does your Dr say?


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  • No I was TOLD its early menopause hence why I have low estrogen
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  • Well she told me it's early menopause , I go in tomorrow for more test results and to see how severe it is ?
  • No advice but good luck at the specialist

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  • No experience with this, but don't be afraid to ask your doctor questions!  If you need them to explain possible diagnosis, causes, treatments, concerns, etc...don't hesitate.  Also, don't be afraid to get a second opinion, doctors are highly trained, but they aren't infallible, so it doesn't hurt to have something confirmed.
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    Did you start your period late? For some reason females who start late also end early. Personally, I am still young, but my mother, her sister, and their mother all were done with menopause by their early 40's. They all started menopause in their mid 30's. Each of them started their periods relatively late (13-14). I am considering myself to be in the same boat as I also didn't get my period until I was almost 14, although only time will tell. I know that they all had the major symptom of hot flashes, described to me as wanting to rip their clothes off and run outside in the snow to cool off lol. 
    But for my mom, she was having similar unusual symptoms (I don't know the exact extent of them) and she went to the doctor who ran some tests and told her then that she in fact was finished with menopause and likely started a decade earlier...which explains why we were always having the A/C on when my friends all thought it was cold out.
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