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5 year old and baby talk

my 5 year still reverts to baby talk.  It drives me absolutely bonkers!!  He has been able to speak well and clear at a very early age and I was even able to recognize at age 2 when he would purposely change his voice to talk this way.  I thought that moving out of daycare and into preschool would kick this habit but it hasn't.  He does it ALL the time and I don't know how to make him stop.  I asked him why he does it and he just says "I don't know".  I've thought about just sending him to time out but he would be in there half the day.  I think now he's to the point that he just does it without thinking and so I don't know how fair it is to say to him "if i hear any baby talk this week your not going to so and so's birthday party this weekend"  But maybe I really do need to be that hard on him..  I would really appreciate any suggestions.  
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Re: 5 year old and baby talk

  • Do you ignore him when he baby talks? Does he do it at school?

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  • We don't have a problem with baby talk, but sometimes DS strikes a tone I don't appreciate. I tell him not to talk to me like that and I'm not going to discuss anything further until it changes.
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    Do the kids at school do it? My dd does it all the time and so do all the girls in the class and when she did it at the pediatricians last month I made a comment to the dr about the "fun" habit and she said, oh don't worry, I have a six yr old at home who still does it.... It think it is something they do to be silly. It ell her I don't understand it or she cant have whatever she is asking for if she talks that way and she generally stops.
  • Mine went through that about a year ago at 4 1/2. He started going to daycare more regularly and was the oldest child by 1 1/2 years (in home), so started reverting to baby talk. I would just tell him I can't hear little boys who talk like babies and eventually he dropped it.
  • My 6 YO still does it sometimes.  I just say that I don't like or want to listen to the baby talk but I'm happy to listen to her use her big girl voice.  She changes without a problem.  I think they do it a lot at school (why?  I have no idea) and she does it without thinking.  I would just continue to say you can't hear/understand baby talk.
  • My 4.5 year old went through a baby talk phase recently. When she'd use a baby voice or baby words, I told her that I didn't understand what she was saying when she used that voice/those words and she'd repeat herself the correct way. She pretty much never does it anymore.
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