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Nap mat

On the weekends sometimes we go to friend's or relative's houses for lunch and DD needs to nap in the afternoon. I have a PnP but it's bulky and stays at my mom's for when DD sleeps over there. This weekend at my friend's house I put a pillow on the floor in a room and DD napped on it.

I was thinking it might be a good idea to buy some sort of mat to keep in the car so she can nap on it when we go to someone's house. Does anyone own something like this? Do you think it's worth purchasing?

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  • DD wouldn't be able to handle sleeping on a mat yet either.  She usually plays in her crib for awhile before falling asleep anyway.  We did recently buy a kids couch things from BRU.  It folds out.  I'm thinking in the distant future it might double for a nap mat at my parents.  Not anytime soon though.

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  • My DD fell asleep in my arms then I put her on the pillow and she napped for almost 2 hours! I was surprised too so that's why I thought a nap mat might be a good idea.
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  • I've just spread out a blanket and laid her on it. I think a duvet-style throw would have more utility than a dedicated nap-mat.
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  • @uconnhuskie007 At home DD doesn't fall asleep on me ever, I put her in the crib and she puts herself to sleep. But away from home she will usually only fall asleep in my or DH's arms.
  • We have this one that she uses at daycare. They use it in the crib right now, but then next year she will use it on the floor. It has memory foam in it, so its cushy.  I wanted something that would be soft to use on the floor.  It also washes up well.

    DD loves it.  When we take it home on the weekends, she pulls it out and wants to lay on it.


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  • Thanks for the suggestions guys!
  • H sleeps on a folding cot at DC; he still falls asleep on me for naps at home, then is transferred to the crib.  So I guess I am the nap mat...koo koo k'choo.

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  • Bean bag works great for us at my sisters. It would be awkward to lug around though.
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  • when I was in kindergarten we used a bath towel. We were told to that we didn't have to sleep but we had to lie on it. Invariably, we all fell asleep within 5 minutes. We were, however, 3 years we might have been easier to handle than kids the ages of our LOs.
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