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Caught a severe cold, and due in 9 days!

My fiance got sick about a week ago. I tried my hardest to keep my hands clean, and avoid those germs like the plague, but they found me! I started coming down with it about 2 days ago, but it wasn't bad at all, just a little scratchy throat. I figured I lucked out and only got a mild case of it. WRONG!  I woke up this morning...throat was on fire, nose was plugged, I was coughing up my lungs, my head hurts, and my ears hurt. I know the medications that they approve for pregnancy, and they do absolutely nothing for me. Leaves a gross taste in my mouth and makes my stomach sour. So the meds are a no go.  I ran a hot shower and sat in the bathroom for a bit to breathe in the steam. My nose is slightly better, but nothing else improved. I have to work, unfortunately, but luckily I go on maternity leave on the 27th. I have drank quite a bit of red raspberry leaf tea with cinnamon in it, and that hasn't done anything. I started drinking that before I got it hoping that it may keep it at bay, and of course it's good for labor as well. I definitely would like any suggestions that you ladies have. I was hoping to go into labor here soon, but I don't even want to until I'm better!  I don't want the baby around the germs, and I don't want to labor while I feel this bad.  Now that I'm sick, my body will probably decide that it's time to pop the baby out!
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Andrew Karol-4/10/2010
Jase Eli-3/10/14

Re: Caught a severe cold, and due in 9 days!

  • I was in the same boat last week and my due date was this past Friday. I came down with a sore throat, cold and fever and chills. I'm happy I didn't go into labour early because I wouldn't have been able to handle it being sick. Because we can take much the only thing you can do is up your fluid intake. Lots of water and orange juice. You can take Tylenol and if you can breath you can do nasal spray. You can also have halls. And boil a pot of water and stick your head over with with a towel and use the steam for as long as you can.

    I know you said your still working but try to get as much sleep as you can as well.

    I'm pretty sure my body/baby knew how sick I was so I'm 4 days late. Hopefully this baby comes soon

    Good luck and get better!!
  • Good luck to you, hopefully your little one comes out here soon! Hopefully my body lets me recover first, too!
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    Andrew Karol-4/10/2010
    Jase Eli-3/10/14

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  • This happened to me about a week before delivery. I drank a lot of hot water with organic honey and slices of lemon. It seemed to really help. I am glad it was almost gone by the time baby came because every little cough made my stitches hurt :(
  • With my first child I got a cold a day or two before I went into labor. It hurt like a mother to cough or sneeze. Baby never did get sick. I couldn't take much due to bfing anyway. Hope you are better in no time and baby waits to arrive.
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