New to this board. Chiropractor after C-section??

Hi all! I'm new to this board-I'm normally on my Jan 14 board. So here's a quick intro.

FTM, had DD on Jan 14th, so 6w PP today. My water broke and I labored for 27 hours before it was determined LO wasn't going to come out on her own so we delivered via C-section.

Now to my question. At what point after your c-section did you go to the chiropractor? I'm not concerned w/ neck and upper back being adjusted. Just my lower back and it makes me shutter just thinking about twisting to have it adjusted..., legitimate concern or paranoia???

Re: New to this board. Chiropractor after C-section??

  • I think I had to wait 8 weeks before the chiropractor would see me.  Call yours and ask. 
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  • I am a chiropractor- after my first c-section, I got my neck adjusted by a colleague visiting me in hospital the same day. I was just kind of sore to lay on my tummy to have low back adjusted for a week or so, but wearing the belly binder from the hospital helped a ton.
    After my second (4 weeks ago) I've been getting adjusted since 2 weeks out from surgery (more bc it was just too hectic w 2 kids to get there and I couldn't drive myself yet).

    I'm sticking to 1-2 times a week- nursing DESTROYS my neck and upper back, so staying free of subluxation helps me a ton, to produce more milk and to keep aligned while my body is recovering from surgery and the hormone changes after pregnancy ( the hormones that allow for ligament relaxation, etc don't clear the body until 6-8 weeks postpartum)

    I've adjusted many patients as soon as a week out- as soon as you are comfortable, I'd say go- your body has been thru a TON of physical, emotional, and most likely chemical changes over the last few months, culminating in a major change during delivery!

    My babies have been adjusted since they were a couple hours old. Fwiw, my 3 year old has been sick once in his life- we see really great results w kids that get adjusted regularly (no ear infections, less colds, less allergies, better behavior)

    Hope that helps!
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  • Thank you ladies!!
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