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Coughing for 2 weeks

My son is almost 10 months... He has had this terrible cough for 2 weeks and it just seems to be getting worse. Sometimes it's joined by a runny nose or fever... But most of the time it's just the cough... It sounds painful and I just feel so bad. He already went to the doc but she didn't seem concerned... When is it time to call again? Or should I just let it run it's course?

Re: Coughing for 2 weeks

  • I would take him in again too. My daughter is getting over an ear infection/sinus infection that she's had for the past 2 weeks now. Amoxicillin seemed to do the trick.
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  • This sounds like LO a few weeks ago.  We finally went in and she was diagnosed with walking pneumonia.  I would definatly call the doc and get an appt.



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  • Sounds like RSV.  DS has been coughing with just a runny nose.  Pedi said if he had a fever, it was probably RSV.  It's just a respiratory virus and they wouldn't do anything different for it.  
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