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Excessive Bleeding After D&C

I had my d&c last Wednesday... had been feeling totally fine - bleeding very little and feeling great by Saturday. Sunday it felt almost spring-like here and I decided to go for a little 30 min walk outside.

Fast forward to this afternoon - starting bleeding VERY heavily. It all happened while I was on the toilet, so I can't say how many pads I filled or really guess how much there was, but it was a lot. Doc's office called me back with a message saying I probably had been overdoing it and to just rest and put my feet up (difficult for a teacher to do...!)

Anyway - anyone with experience of heavy bleeding after d&c? Is this normal? Obviously my biggest fear is that I've screwed something up and I'm doing bad damage to my system... can anyone help reassure me? (called my doc again and am waiting to hear from her... so maybe you ladies can help in the meantime...)


Re: Excessive Bleeding After D&C

  • I had a D&C and had some heavy bleeding but it was never anything that poured into the toilet.  If it doesn't stop soon, I would probably see a doctor.

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  • Im sorry you are experiencing this, but I had a very similar experience last year after my D&C. The surgery went well and I was feeling better but four days later, after working, I had a horrible bleed and went to the ER. They examined me and confirmed it was just the rest of the tissue being released. If you think it is something of concern, it can not hurt to talk to or see a doctor, but just know that heavy bleeding after a D&C is not uncommon. I hope you are feeling much better soon!!
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  • This happened to me and I am recovering from second D&C. Please get things checked out just to be safe. It might be nothing but better to make sure.
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