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Any good good sites/resources for education/development

My mom watches DS while I work and while she is teaching him a lot, I'd like to add more educational activities at home. Right now we do a lot of night team reading and singing songs about numbers/ the alphabet, but I'd like to add some simple activities we can do at home. Do you ladies have any resourse recommendations?

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Re: Any good good sites/resources for education/development

  • I don't know what you all are doing as far as the alphabet, but DD *LOVES* the alphabet.  Some of the activities related to that that we do include: 

    Writing the alphabet on paper with crayons.  Upper case.  Lower case.  ABC...order.  Random order.  She asks us to write the letters all.the.time.  So DH or I write a letter and DD identifies it. 

    We also have a couple alphabet puzzles that she likes a lot.  I think they are both by Melissa and Doug.  Bonus that she gets the puzzle problem solving but she also likes to "do" things with the puzzle letters.  (Example:  Mommy gets the "M" piece; Daddy gets the "D" piece...)  Letter magnets might also be fun.

    We work a little bit on letter sounds.  Example Puh-puh-puh is what letter?  P!  Or what letter does Da-Da-Da-addy start with?  D!

    We use alphabet blocks or crayons to write out familiar words (DD's name, Mommy, Daddy, cat...)  (DD can "spell" her name using puzzle pieces, but I don't think any other words)

    Also, while this may not be the "resource" you are looking for, DD really likes Super Why (on PBS or Sprout).  They do a lot of letter work - letter identification, letter sounds - and DD really engages with it.  In fact, she refers to letters as "super letters" because of Super Why.

    I would just figure out what interests your LO and go off of that.  If he likes letters, try some of the above.  Numbers could be similar.  If he's totally into, say, dinosaurs, you could still do "educational" activities by counting dinos, talking about the colors of dinos, spelling out dinosaur, get some dino puzzles and books, pretend to go dino bone hunting, get different sizes of dinos and compare big and little, etc, compare and contrast dino features (long neck, short arms, etc)....just see where it goes...I think learning at this age should be as organic as possible.    

    I don't even remember how we figured out DD was so into letters, but so it is.  I keep trying to think of ways to keep working with letters with her fresh as much for my sanity as anything else!  There's only so many times I can write out the alphabet....LOL.
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  • I just came across this website tonight: I was looking for a worksheet on fractions for my 1st grader. But it looks like they have worksheets for pre-schoolers as well. I hope this helps!

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