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screaming baby

IDK why but my child screams all the time!! He is 11 months about the turn one, and he is loud all the time and I don't know what to do ... any advice?

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Re: screaming baby

  • Is this new? Teething? Hunger? Tired?
  • Screaming/crying or just yelling and stuff? DS is always making lots of noise. A few months ago he would just yell/scream happily. Not crying, he has a different scream for crying. I have a loud kid.

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  • Is it playful screaming or pain?  DD loves to scream playfully.  It's usually hilarious, like in the grocery check out line, but when she's been doing it for 10 minutes straight while I'm trying to cook dinner it can get annoying.  She loves to raise her voice really high - we call her Mariah Carey because it sounds like she's trying to reach the highest register of her voice.  As long as it's playful I think it's just a phase.  If LO is screaming in pain that's another story.
  • No he is not in pain he is playing or out in public and he will scream at the top of his lungs

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  • my LO does something similar (super high pitched shriek) in public, but oddly not much at home. We try not to give her attention as a reaction to it, so as to not encourage it. If every time he screams you react with a toy, pacifier, food, etc, he'll realize it's an easy way to get some entertainment every time he gets bored.
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    Aww, he's discovered his voice! It's normal. He'll grow out of it eventually.
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