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Pregnant after 35

Hello everyone! Intro

Hi, my name is Meredith. I'm 34 now but will be 35 in June. We have one daughter, Emily, who is almost 19 months old.

We started TTC again last April and in August, we got a BFP. Unfortunately, the pregnancy never felt "right" and sure enough, we had a MMC in September.

4 months later, here we are again. Due to my loss, they did an early U/S last Friday at 6w2d. The tech found the baby, did all of her measurements, found a healthy HB of 115 BPM.....then moved the wand and said "OOP! There's two in there!" Sure enough, TWINS! Baby B was measuring almost the same as Baby A, and with a HB of 105.

We are over the initial shock of having 3 under 3 but still have so many questions and uncertainties. But, most importantly, we are so happy to have healthy beans!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all. Wishing everyone happy and healthy pregnancies!


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BFP#1: 11/20/11, EDD 7/25/12, Emily Iris arrived 7/29/12 at 7 lb., 3.5 oz.

BFP#2: 8/25/13, EDD 5/4/14, MMC confirmed on 9/23/13, D&C on 9/26/13

BFP#3: 2/3/14, EDD 10/15/14, fraternal TWINS confirmed 2/21/14, two BOYS confirmed on 4/15/14!


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