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how are you finding work - baby time balance? I constantly feel robbed of baby time, my LO calls for me and cries constantly when I am gone and I can't seem to handle on work either. How are you managing your time?

I'm happy to hear advice from SAHM too - god knows balance is tough when you stay at home. 

Re: working moms

  • I work 4 10/12 hour days every week and more in the summer. I'm off Monday's so I spend all day with her then and as much time on weekends with her. I don't really have to bring home work with me, but most days I'm leaving as she's eating breakfast and get home way after she's in bed and that's hard for me.

    But I'm lucky because MH works from home so he gets to spend a lot of time with her, I do get a little jealous of that sometimes, but I know me I can't stay home. I do miss a lot of firsts but MH videos everything and sends it to me right away so it's like I was there.

    I'm sorry your feeling this way, it wasn't easy for me at first either, but it gets easier IMO.
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  • I just make the most of the time I have with her, which during the week is not much. We spend all our time together on weekends and we have breakfast as a family every day. OP, how do you know she calls for you when you're gone? A big part of why I'm oK being a working mom is that I know she's happy when I'm gone.
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  • The biggest thing that keeps me okay with working and leaving DD each day is knowing that she is with others who love her when I'm at work.  We have a schedule that feels a bit complicated at times, but she's only with a "non-family member" twice a week.  Her sitter is fantastic and my husband has known her for several years so I have full confidence in her watching DD twice a week.  Also, I truly love my job.  If I didn't love my job then there's no way I'd be okay with being away from DD (and soon to be LO2) each day.

    Do you work at home or away from home?  If you're working away from home, are you sure that LO is constantly crying for you?  Separation anxiety is normal at this age, but I would hope that wouldn't be an all day thing.  If you're working from home, maybe it's really difficult for LO to see you or know that you're there, but not be able to play with you.  (I think I'd have a difficult time working from home)

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  • I work outside the home for about 45 hours a week, plus commute time. It sucks being away from DS, but he's at an in-home daycare with my friend and her two daughters, and he loves that. I enjoy my job, so that helps. I just try to stay organized so that I can maximize my time with him in the evenings and weekend.
  • I commute to work almost an hour, so DH drops off at daycare in the morning and I pick up. We get quality time in the afternoons and weekends. IMHO its kind of a "just do it" situation. I have to work, so I do. I cherish the moments I get with LO and sometimes wish I had more time, but its reality that I work out of the home and its not changing anytime soon so there's no sense in dwelling on it.
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  • We make the most out of weekends. I try not to bring work home and if I do, it's done after he is in bed.

    My reality is I have to be a working mom so I try not to dwell on it. I know he is loved and happy at day care.although drop offs are hard, I know he laughs and learns during the day. He enjoys time with other kids, so I focus on that.

     Daycare provides and even DH will tell me that he calls for me when I'm not there. I try to think it's a good thing. He is aware something he loves is missing, but he knows I will always come back. And that smile and hug when I do is amazing!
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  • Sorry ladies - I'm a regular poster. I didn't realize I had posted under this account - which I never use. I'll ID myself in private. 
  • But - thanks so much for the encouragement. I'm having tough time finding balance. 
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