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nov 12 moms weekend update?

we had a busy weekend and are taking a much needed break while she naps

I was a co host for a shower yesterday so daddy and sammie had a playday that included a birthday party and a good long nap

we cleaned out the back yard this morning of all the junk and misc broken stuff to get ready for some yard time this spring... to distract sam I gave her a Tupperware of water to play with... she dumped in herself twice!  Hahahaha

All that's left is a grocery trip to stock up for the week.. thinking of trying to make this but I am not a fan of the creamed soups....


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Re: nov 12 moms weekend update?

  • That recipe is really yummy. I have made it before.

    we had a baby free weekend! From Friday night until.this.morning she was with my mom and dad. Friday night we went out to dinner. Saturday we went wine tasting. And this morning before my mom brought her back we went for a 4 mile run. She's napping now (has been for almost 2.5hrs!!!!!) and we have cleaned up the house and have dinner in the crock pot. It has been an awesome weekend! I lucky to have willing grandparents who will take her for the weekend!

    also, my friend had her baby on Friday! She was a week late and had to be induced due to low fluid, but everything went well and they are home and settling in already! Her pics almost make me have baby fever...almost! :D
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  • Pretty un-eventful weekend here. Friday didn't get home till after 10pm, and was so exhausted I just went to bed. Saturday the baby went to nana's house while DH and I went to the Cincinnati car show and out for an awesome early dinner, where I found my new favorite drink!!! Pineapple upside down martini :) and then proceed to go out last night and get the ingredients last night to make them at home. Today DH has been working all day so Emma and I have just been hanging out. Started snowing again today so just trying to stay warm. 

    I'm so jealous of you ladies and you're nice warm weather!!
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  • I spent the last 10 days getting ready for a 3 day interview. I just spent the last 9 hours in flight. LO has been growing increasingly distraught as I have been conspicuously absent. When I get back into town, I'm going to take a weekday off and spend it with her.

    I did manage to write a presentation and prep, so it was a productive weekend. I just miss my baby so frickin' much. 
  • @chickie79 it's the most awesome thing I have ever put in my mouth!!! I have a recipe if you would like it ;)
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  • Decent weekend here.  Friday night was my dance teams's last performance/bball game.  DH had DD at home so it was nice to have some time to myself.  Saturday DH and I went to counseling.  We have a lot of work to do before this next baby arrives in April.  We spent the rest of Friday playing at home.  Today was all about running errands.  We found a great deal on two recliners and also got DD her own little couch and chair set (she started climbing on our regular couch and needed to divert her attention from that).  I also got a dress for a wedding that my husband is in.  I'll be 38 weeks pregnant at the wedding and am definitely not looking forward to this wedding.  All in all, a pretty nice weekend.

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  • H has been sickie, so it was pretty low-key.

    @jbrinkwo, I feel like you are a bumpie that we know?  Help me out, here.

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  • Gargita said:
    H has been sickie, so it was pretty low-key.

    @jbrinkwo, I feel like you are a bumpie that we know?  Help me out, here
    this.  Reveal yourself

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  • We had a fun weekend! Shared baby news with family and friends. Very entertaining to see reactions (and how long it took some to notice V's t-shirt!). 

    This was the end to a wonderful week off from school. Reality sets in tomorrow. Back to work and stress of "test prep" and nonsense. And..,.i didn't do much all break, so now I have papers to grade, lesson plans to write, and progress reports to finish. YUCK! 
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  • MaebbMaebb member
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    We went to the aquarium on Friday, then my BD with the ILs, then just relaxing at home.

    I tried to post this last night, but fell asleep while the pictures were uploading, lol.
  • Step-Daughter was sick again this weekend so it was just the three of us. We got Z a toddler bed Friday night. We ran errands Saturday morning and went to birthday party at a pizza place. Z doesn't like pizza (at least not with the cheese on it but loves breadsticks and dipping them in the sauce. Sunday we moved rooms around and made the girls more like a den for them and put Z's new big boy bed in our room. He made it till 2am before he started tossing and woke up. Since the bed was in our room, he just climbed in bed with us. I didn't sleep well since I was worried about him in the new bed and him falling off it. He kept turning sideways. 
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  • ha - ya, you know me. I'll write to anyone individually. This account is the first one I set up. I decided not use this username and set up a second account, which has the name that I use here. Apparently the first account is stilled signed in on a browser I very rarely use. In anycase I write here frequently under this second handle. I'd rather not connect the two publicly because I sometimes use the name you see here for other things. I'll send you notes. 
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