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Pressure & pain

Hi everyone, I am sure it's nothing but is anyone else experiencing pain & pressure in your pelvic bone that shoots down to your leg? It started yesterday after my MP came out, and today it has gotten worse as the day goes on, to the point where it is painful to walk. Only Braxton hicks contractions so far, but keeps feeling like I am going to get my period (like bleeding not cramping symptoms). First time mom and don't want o call dr if I don't have to, any help would be appreciative.

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  • Sounds like baby has dropped more.  The shooting leg pain sounds like sciatica - pretty common in late pregnancy but not serious - just hurts!  Getting close :)
  • I have this same exact thing. I'm not going to call my dr but I will mention it at my next appointment. Good luck and hope you feel better!
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  • Oh jeez... yes. My entire pelvic area hurts.. even in the middle of the night!
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  • Thank you, you also
  • Sounds like sciatic pain, let me know if you find a good way to deal with it.  I usually take NSAIDs for this kind of thing, but not during pregnancy :(
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  • Try a warm soak in Epsom salt, they make a great one with lavender in it that smells amazing. And make sure you wear supportive shoes when you're walking. I'm suffering from it too, good luck!
  • Thank you all, just got back from doctor, he said it was the baby dropping, and can be very painful. I am now 3 cm!! Getting so excited.
  • My dr recommended yoga for my sciatic nerve
  • Same! Talked to my OB and she said it's completely normal! I usually just take baths (sometime with my awesome bubble soap) and just relax!
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