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I have a c section scheduled and am a first time mom. I want to make sure I get enough bonding time with baby before everyone else gets to see him. I'm very close with my parents and was hoping they'd be at the hospital when I was planning on a vaginal birth, but now that the plan has changed I'm not sure what to expect after a c section. What kind of time will I get after the surgery? I don't want to hurt my moms feelings, but I was thinking it might be better to just have me and DH there for some time. Can anyone advise?

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  • I wanted the same things for a vaginal birth, but after 12 hours of labor with little progression, I ended up having a c section at about 10pm. My mom, dad, and sister and DH's dad were all already at the hospital. Everyone got to see the baby on his way to the nursery to be checked out and cleaned and everything. In my case, it was about 11:30 or so by the time I was settled in recovery and everyone wanted to see me before they went home, so they came back briefly (maybe 10-15 minutes).

    I figure your situation will be different since it's scheduled, but just wanted to share my experience. We didn't get the time alone with him immediately that we wanted, but we made up for it later.
  • When I had my c-section, only one other person was allowed in my recovery room, so MIL was there (my mom didn't come til the next day).  I know at the hospital that I will have my c-section for this baby, they only let 1-2 people in the recovery room, but you can request that it is just you and DH.  Just explain to your mom that you really just want some time with baby right afterwards and that she is welcome to come up when you're ready for visitors.  
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  • For me I didn't really get to see the baby until after I recovered and was back in our room about 1.5 hours.  As I was be wheeled in, I saw my Inlaws coming out and it made me pretty upset that they just showed up and I hadn't even had a chance to hold my baby yet.  My husband and I are making sure this time that we have plenty of bonding time before any visitors.  We are scheduled for the afternoon on a Thursday and plan to have people visit on Friday morning.  
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  • I only had my parents and son the same day as my RCS. I wouldn't anyone else there. You feel like crap and you have a catheter in you and the bag hanging off your bed. Gross. There are very few people I'd allow to see me that way.
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  • Limit visitors the first day. I kicked my overbearing MIL out of the room when i had my third daughter. They had just brought her in and my MIL snatched her up before I even had a chance to hold her first. I was livid, hormonal and a mess. My mom and sister understood they were there for support but understood their boundaries and gave me and babies plenty of tine to bond. But, I prefer just my spouse there. Not sure how we'll handle the next one. Good luck. As pp mentioned, you're hooked up to all kids of stuff, bleeding,etc. No modesty. Probably want to figure out nursing and just be with the baby. My favorite birth was one when the hospital didnt allow visitors because of swine flu.
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  • Thank you ladies for all your input!
  • I was planning VB but after 21 hours of labor they found out my baby's head was too big :/ so I had a c-section. My mom, sis and MIL were already at the hospital and they entered my room after 1 hour, it was totally fine. However, I didn't want to see anybody else for 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks. I was 3 days at the hospital and the others at home and refused visits.

    For me it was different because it was an emergency c-section and I didn't want it, so basically I was emotionally hurt and I was so tired afterwards. I hated recovery so it took me that long to be on high-spirits again. Don't take me wrong, I was in ecstasy because my LO was healthy and we had a safe delivery at the end, but still my body was so messed up afterwards that I couldn't think about chit chatting.
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  • I didn't mind having visitors, I was still a little loopy after surgery so while I got my bearings I let everyone else meet DS, ya I wanted to be the first but I knew I had the rest of our lives together and since I was a little dizzy and itchy I didn't want to chance hurting him, plus my csection was at 7pm so they only had a little while left to visit.

    Once I felt stable though watch out he was ALL mine!

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  • With my son, I delivered him via C after a long labor, and I saw him for ~3 minutes. They took him to the nursery to be bathed, take his blood pressure, have his vitamin K, etc, and I did not see him again for about an hour or hour and a half. I'm sure I was sleeping that entire time, I was so exhausted.

    With my daughter, I had a RCS, so after I delivered, I saw her for ~3 minutes. They took her to the nursery, but then they brought her back maybe 20 minutes later. And I was able to hold and nurse her in the 'recovery room' which was 3 feet over from the operating table. After I finished nursing (about 20 minutes), they took her back to the nursery to be bathed, etc, and I did not see her again for about an hour or hour and a half.  I delivered her about 8:30am, and our families did not visit until afternoon. I thought that was about right - both H and I spent some time snuggling her, I nursed a few times, and we rested a little all before any visitors arrived.
  • With my little girls (both scheduled c-sections) we didn't allow anyone in the recovery room except big sister(s). It made it easier that trying to file people in and out while I'm nursing baby for the first time. They're more than welcome in my room when I'm settled in (my parents are medical personnel so I don't mind them seeing me with the catheter etc and mil had c-sections too) Although DD3 was the first FIL was there on their BIRTHday (or at any point in their first year) and we didn't think to warn him about the breastfeeding... Three kids in and it's pretty old hat to me. He didn't expect to see that much of my boob apparently!!! LOL
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  • We planned to not tell anyone when I went into labor. DH's family is in Australia and we didn't want anyone leaking news on FB prior to them being notified. I was in labor for 27 hours then had to have a C-section due to LO being stuck. I had a rough time and was extremely glad we didn't have anyone waiting. DH was able to look after DD and I could concentrate on recovering. It took about 2 hours after delivery before I could confidently hold DD with out feeling like I needed someone standing at the bed with me. I called my parents then and let them know they could come meet their grand daughter. My mom was upset, but got over it and I wouldn't have changed anything about how it went.
  • I never thought about that..I don't think I would want to DH to be alone if something bad happened.
  • I had a scheduled c for noon on a Friday. At 9 am, DH and I arrived at the hospital to be met by my parents, in laws, my grandmother and my uncle (whom I'm really close with). Having all of those silly, crazy people made me focus less on my nerves (which was great for me). While I was in recovery, they brought our baby and my DH to the glassed in nursery to be cleaned and examined and let the visitors watch.

    My one rule was that I wanted to be the first (outside of DH) to hold her, so when they wheeled me into my room, everyone was craned over the bassinet just adoring (BUT NOT HOLDING) her. By that time my best friend had joined the party and they were all so excited.

    My nurse was a traveling one and she shooed everyone out so I could get a couple hours of rest (and they could get lunch). I honestly didn't mind the crowd of people. All were very respectful and it was such an amazing day!
  • I had an emergency csection late at night. Baby had to have an IV and stay in the nursery, so I had to go down to him. I wasn't able to until about 3 hours later when I could feel my legs enough to sit up and get in the wheelchair. I know I had too many people there and coming to see me. I agree with previous posters on really not wanting to see anyone for several days. It's major surgery, and you're not at your best.
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