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Smash Cake

Just out of curiosity, those of you who already have a 1 year old, or those of you who are close to you LO's 1st birthday, what did/are you doing for a smash cake?  Are you making it, if so are you just using a box or making it from scratch?  How about the frosting? 

Re: Smash Cake

  • For his cake smash pics I am making a small funfetti cake and using stabilized whipped cream for icing so it won't be too sweet or heavy.

    We ordered a bakery cake for his party. I wasn't going to order him a whole extra cake and was just going to give him a slice but our bakery does free complimentary smash cakes for the birthday babies and I couldn't say no. It's going to be very sweet, it's a real cake with fondant and buttercream.

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  • We did a bakery ordered smash cake for a photo shoot. For his party we gave him a slice.
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  • DD is currently 9 months but I am already starting to think about her birthday. I'm going to do a pink ombre rosette smash banana cake from the box with a gold candle on top. Then I'll probably do banana and strawberry cupcakes for the guests or I might just stick with vanilla and chocolate.
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  • we are making the smash cake and are also going healthy. Any dose of sugar for DD is a nightmare of hyper. I recommend giving your child a little sugar to see how they are going to handle it before introduced to large quantities. We will be making cupcakes for the guests and will also be doing the healthy go with bananas and applesauce so our guests LO arent on a sugar high as well! :) good luck!
  • There's an organic vegan bakery in town we are thinking about using. We aren't vegan or anything but we figure it's going to be a lot better for her!
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