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Airplane travel sickness

I'm 12 weeks and I've always gotten a tiny bit nauseous when I fly if there's turbulence. But I flew for work this week and got so sick I threw up on both flights. Has anyone experienced this? Any solutions?

Re: Airplane travel sickness

  • Dramamine is on my OB's safe list for motion sickness. It has always helped me, and actually makes me sleepy enough to sleep through most of the flight.



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  • Benadryl might help too.
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  • I didn't throw up when I flew last week but I found that when we were starting our descent to land, I would get major gas and heartburn.   Ouch!

    Sorry you got sick.  :-(

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  • Sickest I've ever been was on a plane while preggo with DS 1. Mind you I've been motion sick my entire life, and my track record is all pregnancy sickness for MS. But this was so bad that after the 3rd request for a new barf bag the flight attendant brought me a regular trash bag. The people around me all put in ther headphones and stared into their laptops and couldn't make eye contact. I was so embarrassed, I never stopped heaving the whole 2 hour flight. It was a full plane.

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