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My heart hurts for SIL

So about 2 weeks ago my BIL and SIL came over and announced that they were pregnant... We were Sooo excited for them and that we would have someone close to share the expirence with! And we talked about how close cousins would be. It was so... Amazing!

But my MIL called tonight and said that SIL had a miscarriage.

I cried at the thought of losing this precious life inside me , And I cried cause they lost their baby and we still have ours.

It didn't really occur to me how much our hearts grow attached to such an amazing miracle.

My SIL text me and told me she had a miscarriage... And to please not make a big deal.

I know that she needs her space that the last person she will want to be around is DH and I, But I told her we are sorry that they are going through this and that if they need anything to let's know and to know we are here for them.

My heart just hearts because although I've never been there personally... The very thought of losing this being inside of me makes me cry. Please just pray for them. Thank you.

Re: My heart hurts for SIL

  • That's so hard. It doesn't seem fair to watch ppl we love to through that. They'll get there. And the cousins will still be buddies for life!
  • So sorry for your SIL. Will keep her in my prayers.
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  • Soooo sorry this is happening. It's really hard to know what people need - so let her know that you're available if she needs anything. 
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  • I'm so sorry for your SIL. Every loss is heartbreaking, but it will stay raw for her for much longer because of the situation. I hope that her healing process allows her to shower your baby with lots of love, but that's going to take time. I would write her a card that let's her know you and your DH would like o support her however she needs, and from whatever distance she prefers. Send a meal, flowers, something... Then leave seeing each other up to her. Hugs for your whole family.


  • Ugh, that is very sad.  My family ordered dinner for us from a local restaurant and had it delivered to our house when we were going through our miscarriage.  I always remember that being a very nice gesture while still respecting our privacy.


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  • I was in her shoes this september. My sister was 5 months pregnant and I was 2 months. We couldn't stop imagining about how great it would be to have kids at the same age - so I felt overly devastated when we had a MMC. It took me over a month to finally stop crying when I talked/thought about it.

    However, I am now almost 3 months pregnant and I have a little nephew, who will be 7 months old when we have our baby. So, it could still work out for her and your BIL.
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  • That's tough. Don't be surprised if she avoids you for awhile, or doesn't want to hear about your pregnancy. Just be supportive and hopefully she will get her baby soon! Xoxo
  • That's heartbreaking.  Your SIL is lucky to have your compassion and support. Praying that she is pregnant again very soon and has a happy and healthy baby!

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  • That's awful. I agree with the other ladies... offer to help in any way you can, but also keep your distance. Going through a miscarriage is hard, especially when someone close to you is pregnant. I had three friends all due in January (same month I was due with last pregnancy), and it really hurt the entire time to see their updates on FB. Seeing them was a constant reminder of how far along I would be. I honestly didn't start to feel better about the situation until my EDD had passed. So just know that she's got a tough journey ahead, and it's not your fault.
  • *Sigh* that is so hard.  I would feel terrible as well.  So sorry for her loss.  I agree with others, just reaching out to them and letting them know you are there, is the best thing you can do.
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  • So sorry for the loss. I just had the same thing happen. My cousin was due the day before me and they MC :( it's so devastating. We were so excited to have babies together. Prayers for the family.
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