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3 Hour Glucose Tolerance

Sitting here on hour 2 of my three hour test. I feel like I want to vomit. This is torture.

Hopefully, because I feel so physically ill from this, it means I won't have GD this go around. First time I felt great. Thought I passed with flying colors.

A couple of days time will tell...
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Re: 3 Hour Glucose Tolerance

  • I failed my 1 hour and felt like a champ during it... I passed my 3 hour and felt like death during it.  Here's hoping there's a connection!!
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  • The one hour test sounds bad enough. GL @jg1011!
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  • I had to do it in oct to test for insulin resistance for PCOS. Dreading doing it again
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  • I failed my 1 hour and the first 2 draws of the 3 hour... Hang in there!
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  • Doesn't this happen later in our pregnancies? I thought it did if I remember right. My new OB only has us do a 2 hour one and if we pass, we pass and if we fail, we fail :( I failed the 1 hour one with both of my previous pregnancies but passed the 3 hour one. That makes me nervous this round. 

    I agree ... hang in there :)
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  • @jennashawn2013 Yes, later in pregnancy usually. I think it was 25 or 26 weeks the first time. However, I did develop GD with my first pregnancy so lucky me got the script for this now.
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